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3 - Bandit Sorceress leaving ally's building

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NAME: Bandit Sorceress leaving ally's building

SEVERITY: 3, also client sided (but cannot create topic in that subforum?!)

LOCATION: in game, tested in campagin missions


DESCRIPTION: Player 1 spawns a Bandit Sorceress (we did it with red affinity) and sends it to a tower of Player 2. Now, that player has the control of that unit. First, the "leave builing" button is only available to Player 2. Second, after leaving the buildind, the unit belongs to Player 2 (with resources and unit count and everything) and cannot be controlled by Player 1 anymore.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: this behaviour might be a disign choice and not a buged behaviour. Also, it might would make sense, if the building gets destroyed (on purpose) the Sorc will first be sent out automatically.

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