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Boosters for new players....

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Probably there are slmany threads around here addressing this topic...

Personally, I think that having to play several hours to get the first boosters ( and thus the first variation to the game) is quite long. To be honest, this is where the fun of the game and its originality comes from. How to introduce new players to a game, when the core mechanic  of the game doesn't show?!!

As I understandthat there was/is an issue with multi accountings I like to suggest that you reduce this first time span and make these "starting boosters" (and their cards) untradable.

To improve this, you could grant different themed boosters to chose from.

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The reason the startup time was implemented is due to drastic measures that needed to be taken against serious system and account abuse that came forth from Hawk's decision to give every account free boosters from the get-go. This issue was foreseen but we decided to find out how big abuse and it's effects would get, and the results have been overwhelmingly troubling. Just calling the issues and abuse the free boosters have caused "multiaccounting" really doesn't do it justice.

From both a player experience and a programming point of view, untradeable cards is something we really want to avoid. Not only will this cause confusion among traders but it may also promote scamming and abuse, and we strive to keep these issues at a minimum and as easy to deal with as possible; having to do untradeability checks as a new user is one more step in trade complexity that we do not want our players to have to go through.

During the closed test phases of the project we came to the conclusion that this "dead" time limit would be the least impactful on player experience as it would be a reasonable one-off gap to cross. Remember the original BattleForge did not even allow trades until a certain level in PvP or PvE was reached.

However, we already have plans for future updates (determined far back into the alpha stages) that may make this start-up period more bearable for newcomers while not benefiting or promoting abuse:

  • We will introduce a soft-cap BFP gain system that rewards BFP for playtime indefinitely (replacing the daily "play for X minutes" quest). This system will be focused around rewarding more BFP in your first few games, and less BFP the more you play, but a good BFP gain nonetheless to keep rewarding those who play a lot without dramatically hurting those with less time to spare. I am currently considering to have this system bypass the startup stage but having it completely capped at a lower rate by default until the account is fully unlocked. This way new accounts still have access to boosters and card variety while multiaccounting will net a significant disadvantage as opposed to playing on your main.
  • New and themed boosters are in development. BFP earned will be able to be spent on these new types of booster. Due to possible differences in price we will leave this to be determined by the players spending BFP themselves so they can choose whether to go for more cheap boosters (e.g. bigger pools) or a few expensive boosters, whatever aligns to their tastes or spending habits. This exposes new players to the game's card variety and leaves them in control of what faction(s) they pursue.

Hopefully these future changes will make the startup phase of accounts a more pleasant experience without exposing the project and community to abuse. We are not considering to decrease the startup time or implement untradeable cards anytime soon, but we do aim to make these measures as bearable as is feasible.

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Okay, I do see you have taken you time to (deeply) think on this issue. That's good to hear and I appreciate it.

Still, introducing new players at the very moment is kind of difficult (or complicated) under this circumstances. Also, as the reboot has no set time ( which itself is good, if you'd ask me) it is not an option to say that things will get easier/better soon. :)

So, maybe a slight change for the moment might be a good thing... I understand that a mix of tradable and untradable cards is confusing but there are allready untradable cards. You could circumvent this ifyou use my initial suggestion, but set all untradable cards to tradable after a certain amount of time...

anyhow, thanks for reading!

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