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PVP Energy Question

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Hello Summoners,

After how many minuets it takes until the costs are back of an energy well?

If i cancel a monument how many energy i will lose?

Is it worth to cancel monuments if they would die anyway?

Is there a differnce between spells void energy refound and units / buildings?


Thanks alot



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It takes 3 minutes and 20 seconds to get the costs back into your power pool

If you cancel an orb during constructing you regain 75 power. This means if you rebuilt it you lost 25 power. 

It definitely is worth it to cancel monuments if you are sure it's not going to survive. 

Everythings gives 90% void refund with a few exceptions (repair costs 100%, toggle abilities 100% (Ghostspears, Spearmen etc.), lost wells and orbs 0) 

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