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3 - 2PlacesAtTheSameTime

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NAME: 2PlacesAtTheSameTime
LOCATION: Start of Match

DESCRIPTION: Battlegrounds 4p, 3 players. Host left the game right at the start, possibly before the start. He then created a new lobby. And while me and the other guy where still playing, the hosts new lobby popped up and we could select our slot, while we were still ordering our units.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Tried once, host could again, make a new lobby while still in my team, but lobby didnt pop up this time. Perhaps if host restarts while the rest is still loading, he might create the new lobby faster and might be able to reproduce that way?

SCREENSHOT: https://pasteboard.co/HXe3tga.png

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Restart was inbound 15-20mins? Host was slot 1, i was slot 3, slot4 empty.

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