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[REQ] Overview Card-Activation-Cost

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Hello there,

so i was calculating how much gold i would need to spend to fully upgrade my deck from LvL 0, buying everything with gold. I managed to get all the "upgrade-prices", which look at follows, if someone is interested:

Common: 125 - 625 - 1250
Uncommon: 375 - 1250 - 2500
Rare: 1000 - 2500 - 7500 
Ultra Rare: 2000 - 5000 - 15000

But i couldnt manage to get all the prices to activate the upgrades:

My list looks as follows:

Common: 50 - 250 - 500
Uncommon: 150 - 500 - 1000

Rare 400 - 1000 - 3000

Ultra Rare: 800 - 2000 - 6000

Does someone know, how the "activation-cost" and would be kind enough to let me know :)


First Class

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upgrade price = 2.5* activation price

activation price = upgrade price/2.5

–> Rare: 400 - 1000 - 3000

Ultra Rare: 800 - 2000 - 6000

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Assuming your deck only contains ultra rare cards, you would need 616000 gold to fully upgrade. This equals 140 rounds of rPvE9 (with four players), when collecting 4400 gold on average. Further, if you need a bit less than 20 minutes per game (with matchmaking quite fair to assume, I guess), that would equal 45 hours of gaming to fully upgrade. Hmm. :)

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