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rPVE 10 - Frost Scenario Broken

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Orb level 4 monsters (Tortugun & Walker) are present during 2nd Orb being built. There is ZERO builds that could possibly defeat this scenario especially with the flying drakes above them that paralyze your units.

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Posted (edited)

I don't think my guide mentions every possible scneario. So here's the short version of for all 3 possible scenarios in order of likelihood:

1. Enemy spawns/incomes attack you and pull the whole base when attacking you:
 Countermeasure: Trap spawns in between t1 and t2 - there should be an example given how you do it for every standard faction t1. Basically the methods are endless though and it comes down to  minimizing the archer squad down to 1 or 2 members and then letting them attacking anything. Once the spawn is trapped you are free to take t2. Your wells/monuments ALWAYS should be the closest thing to the enemey base - no excuses here.
2. Enemy tower (Deepgorge [Artillery ranged]) attacks you --> spawn/incomes always trigger the whole enemy base attacking you:
Countermeasure: Proceed as in Scenario 1, but as your monuments time alive is limited you wait for power before you take it. Also take the well closest to the enemy base (only that one). It will absorb a lot of damage and will let the monument live long enough for you to spawn your army comfortably. This wastes 100 power permanently but is well worth it.
3. Enemy base attacks you instantly when you take the monument:
This is basically the death scenario but occurs VERY VERY rarely. I generally recommend just starting over with another map because it is simply not worth clearing the map from any efficiency standpoint and has a very high chance of failing nonetheless. If you want to proceed nonetheless you do this in 2 ways. One is a bit of a gamble but the one i would recommend trying because it almost always works but is much less time consuming:

  • Build a big t1 army and kill all the units that trigger the attack on your t2. You will probably need some t2 units for it so you basically want an army big enough to tank the damage from the base long enough for your t2 to be build up. Your primary focus are the Dragons and the bandit snipers that are probably in that base. Once they respawn they will stand close to the spawn building and therefor can not trigger the attack anymore generally. Because you attacked the base you will get an additional income that you trap together with the one from t3 after which you can proceed as you did in Scenario 2. After prioritize the other ranged units other thant he XL's - you probbaly won't be able to kill those anyways.
  • The other way to do it is to build a big t1 army and wait for massive amounts of power so that you can clear the whole base in one go with t2 units. First Priority in this case is to take out the building. Every other priority heavily depends on your deck and especially the availability of cc to you.
  • You can mix methods up a bit and can prioritize killing the spawn building on top of killing the ranged units f.e. but this depends on your deck build and how easy it is for you to destroy the spawn camp in this scenario. The 2 methods are basically the most extreme versions to either end of the spectrum of what you can do in this scenario.

If you want a more more in-depth analysis of what you should be doing i at least need your deck. Please also note that this is merely a short introduction to the topic of close bases as it is one of the more difficult scenarios in Battleforge PvE and therefor you need to be adapting to the situation constantly; especially concerning amount of units and energy necassary as well as positioning of those units. Therefor i can sadly not simply say build X units and you should be fine.
I hope the description above helps to give at least a rough guideline of how to approach these situations anyways.



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