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Batariel/Fire Deck PVE

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Hello Skylords, 

I really wanna build and play a firedeck for PVE 7+ with heal and sustain, is that possible ? I would like to run Batariel and maybe Thunder Wagon. I´ll start with t1 fire, but what can i run for t2 and t3 ? 

If you could help me, i would be really happy :) 


Greetings Orkkoenig



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For heal you usually use Nature so you have 2 choices:

1. Go 5 Orbs

For this you would need to steal the orb of someone else (except on a few campaign maps) or you would have to build Amii Monument and hope that nobody built it before you. I dont recommend any of this way.

2. Enlightment

For this you would need 2 Nature orbs but in this case I would skip Thunderwagon because you had to enlighten it too and this would be to costly (energywise and charges).

I assume you go Fire / Nature so for T2 there are at least 2 good options for units: Vileblood or Firestalker

Other good cards for T2: Lavafield, Oink, Breeding Grounds, Ray of Light (with units like Vileblood)

For T3 there are also good options, I personally prefer Magma Hurler but there are some other possible good units.

Warshrine and Wheel of Gifts will greatly improve your deck. The first allows to spam spells and abilities almost infinite and the second will buff your batariel, other units and even your teammates. Especially with warshrine in a deck I would go with many spells (my decks have about 10 spells) and some of them are T3 spells like thunderstorm and revenge.

Btw. you even dont need Fire at all for a Batariel deck but In this case Enlightment and 2 Nature orbs would be mandatory.

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If I may suggest an alternative, I think 3 x Fire, 1 x Nature is a good combination as well. You can play a mostly pure-fire deck with cards such as Fire Dragon, Thunder Wagon, Cluster Explosion or Fire Sphere. But you also get some great splash cards such as Regrowth, Breeding Grounds, Giant Wyrm or Grimvine.

Especially with Fire Dragon you will be able to deal extremely high damage, but it is very fragile. However, this can be overcome with some nature CC or heals. Furthermore, most of the units mentioned above have a high power cost, but that can be mitigated with Breeding Grounds.

The only thing you are missing are really missing is Batariel. But I think Batariel works best with nature support and is best summoned with Enlightenment.

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Forget all that jazz, you wanna play pure fire? Don't worry about healing so much, healing is for people who can't let go of nature's hand holding play style.

This works great on RPVE, using the various other buildings like mortar tower, makeshift and pyromaniac will help you with a lot of other Campaign maps

T1 get Mine and     suppression <=== stops willzappers or even spawners and other annoying stuff

T2 = Firedancer or Fire Stalker with either Skyfire Drake or Blaster Cannon for anti air, Rallying Banner and lava field and possibly Wildfire (optional disenchant G to deal with freeze and paralyze on batariel or juggernaut to charge into camps) If you need a little extra sustain you can add in Ravage

T3 = Juggernaut and both Unity spells, shrine of war, inferno, On some campaign maps sniping targets with spitfire works great as well

T4 = Batariel, Fire Dragon and your choice of land unit, moloch for extra toughness paired with unity, Fire Worm for CC with its ability knockback and speed, or thunder wagon or magma fiend etc for a bit more micromanaging but aoe clear, Take Fire Sphere, Cluster Explosion (Infused) Earthshaker and optional Comet Catcher if you have the time You can also add in bloodthirst for additional support on batariel as it really keeps him going but I don't use it

Charge a juggernaut in (or any 1 unit) and unleash all your spells to kill the spawn building and clear most of the harder camps and "soften" your enemies, for easier camps just rush in your units with unity and their abilities build rallying banners along the way as rally points to summon new  units at when the old ones are killed and you can also stop briefly at the banner to let your units recover

Only summon 3 or 4 units at a time no more then 5 as thats Unity's max and also so you have the spare power to Nuke enemies with your spells and sharing life points between all your units with unity will usually let them live just long enough to annihilate everything clean up whats left with explosions of various kinds.


And people think pure fire is hard (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Just play aggressive and go for the most DPS and kill the enemy units first

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