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Hello fellow skylords,

I'm currently making a nature/shadow deck. T4 is focused on using offering and rifle cultist to spam giant wyrms. I seem to be lacking in the 2 and 3 orb cards. Any ideas? I start nature for wind weaver and heals early. What would be some good T2 and T3 cards to add. Pve deck.

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Mephisto has pretty much stated the way to go. Personally, I would start the dck with nature, as this allows you to use Ensnaring Roots and Surge of Light in later tiers.

I liked playing Shadow/Nature myself and I found the best T4 unit to be Death Ray. You can constantly use Leech to power Death Ray's guns and heal up your own units with Regrowth in the mean time. Grimvine serves as a tank that serves as HP pool and Giant Wyrm makes a powerful L-counter.

I can also recommend Healing Gardens if you want to maximize your Regrowth for situations where you need it.

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Alright I'll try out the dark elf's but I dont have virydia. I do use phantom now just must need to use her more. Im also not a huge fan of ashbone. I just dont like the constant decreasing hp. Would there be any decent T3 nature  1 or 2 orbs I could use. I'm trying to go nature shadow shadow nature for monuments. Thanks for the input :)

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