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3 - Alt-tabing from game freezes whole PC

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  • NAME: Game & PC crash
  • REPRODUCIBILITY: Rarely occurs when I try to Alt-Tab from the game (last time today)
  • DESCRIPTION: Occasionaly, when I press Alt-Tab, the whole game freezes and my PC stops responding. I tryed everything to somehow end the program, but nothing short of hard reset works. Maybe waiting a bit could solve it, but I dont have patience to wait with frozen screen for more that 5 minutes. 
  • SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Due to nature of the problem, not possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Hard to say, what might've been causing these issues. Normally I Alt-Tab out of the game all the time (tho I do not do so during loading and other stress times), and have no issues. Every once in a while tho, this happens. Whenever this is a game problem, or could be hardware related, I have no idea. 
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