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  1. Greetings to all of you lovely people. From the creator of that one lame map (Icy Lake) comes an actual quality attempt at a coop PvE scenario. Prepare your cards and hold on to your hats, as this might be a wild ride. NOTE: For current version, look for Endure and Conquer 2 Prelude: The ancient city of Zelava has been almost lost to history, long ago reclaimed by nature. It was not spared the corruption of Twilight curse though, as the vegetation and animals twisted into horrible beings. Now, it rises from obscurity. Rumours of an ancient and powerful artifact hidden within the wall
  2. I always loved this tower, and it always felt quite weak. Really happy with the changes.
  3. It should be now. Otherwise, I cannot really tell if it was uploaded succesfully or not
  4. Those pesky Lost Souls are at it again! Hoping to gain a weapon of enormous power, they've assaulted and captured human city of Icy Lake. It is home of the Worldbreaker Gun, cannon of immeasurable power. Skylords, you must venture into the city and destroy it, lest the Lost Souls use it against the human kingdoms. Onward! This is my first map, relatively simple, with only single difficulty (so it doesn't matter which one you choose). First, you have to gain control of all the acces paths to the city (destroy the three ice barriers), which will open up the main gate. There, you have
  5. I for one welcome our new insect overlords... oh wait. No, I mean I welcome all and any tower/fortress buffs.
  6. Last nature bases better have full root network deck ;^) But great job, and great news, as always.
  7. Personally, I am torn on this map. I do like it, but I feel it has some problems, at least when it comes to my own playstyle quirks. That said, everything I add is only concerning the Advanced difficulty. And whatever I say, kudos for making this map. Visually, it's great. Snowy environment fits the Lyrish theme well, as well as the Ice/Frost element of the fortress. In this regard, I have very little to say. Now, when it comes to gameplay, I feel the map is too cramped. It would really benefit from being bigger in size (not sure what options there are in the editor), as the corrido
  8. I have attepmted this map several times, managed to get to 53 minute mark on Advanced, and around 50 minute mark on Expert. Damage output wasn't a problem, but I couldn't stop the damn ice tornadoes destroying my orbs and towers, which in the end prevented me from building more defences. This was my deck on the last attempt (expert). There are several obsolete cards, so there is a lot of place for improvement. Edit: Finished the map on Advanced today, with the deck shown here, with a few tweaks (+ skyelf sage and Amii ritual). It's quite the meat grinder, not sure if I can cra
  9. At first, I was really not getting into the map, Guess it's because I don't find it suited for my most favorite decks, but kinda getting around it. Really wondering, how fast can the Advanced be cleared. Definitely going to try my shot at it.
  10. Submission sent, fun challenge! I do like the level playing field, considering you do not get to use your own cards.
  11. This is just a minor pet-peeve of mine, but I have long felt that the Twilight faction should've been the combination of Nature and Shadow factions, not Nature and Fire. Obviously, I am not talking about the general in-game balance, neither lore standpoints. This stems from purely the visual feeling of the Twilight. I mean, they are literally called after the cycle of day, where the amount of light lessens (and shadow/darkness takes over). Their color pallete and designs fit my idea of shadow taking over nature much better, rather than the notion of combining Nature with Fire. That would
  12. Good analysis. I was somewhat expecting this result, as it makes most sense within current game constraints. Seems to be a good thing for economy in the end, though we will see what future brings. Mainly the booster price increase, but also potential new cards.
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