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  1. Looks good. I personally like the name Wasteland Wing.
  2. I have probably the same problem as a lot of people - not having the time (or expecting not to have the time) to contribute accordingly. Otherwise, I do love testing maps and am hella tempted to apply. Anyways, great job to everyone working on the project.
  3. Props to the dev team, nice work on the game so far! Cannot wait to see the new cards.
  4. Hell, during the old days I didnt even know BF had a map editor. Though, used to create a lot of maps for Source engine games back in the day (and bit of AoE 2), cannot wait to test this one out.
  5. http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Card:Crystal_Fiend Nothing much about it on wiki, and description clearly states - 20% less damage taken. Can it be simply broken?
  6. At least for me, I cancelled my Bloodhorn pretty fast, as I wanted to correct the price a little. Also, still managed to lose the same way 3 x Imperials, so I doubt they were all bid on.
  7. NAME: Game & PC crash SEVERITY: 3 REPRODUCIBILITY: Rarely occurs when I try to Alt-Tab from the game (last time today) DESCRIPTION: Occasionaly, when I press Alt-Tab, the whole game freezes and my PC stops responding. I tryed everything to somehow end the program, but nothing short of hard reset works. Maybe waiting a bit could solve it, but I dont have patience to wait with frozen screen for more that 5 minutes. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Due to nature of the problem, not possible. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Hard to say, what might've been causing these issues. Normally
  8. NAME: Auction bug SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Forge / auction house / mail REPRODUCIBILITY: So far none, happened to me first time DESCRIPTION: I have cancelled my auction for Bloodhorn (shadow affinity) and received mail indication. As I wanted to get my card back, I opened the mail but there was no new message. Tryed it several times but there were no new mails, neither the card in auction house. I tryed to delete all my mails (thinking that I possibly have full box) but didnt help. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Sadly no, as I crashed shortly after. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
  9. Got the same error few times today, always after trying to create a game. Error screen -
  10. Same, I remember picking Magma hurler, as it was avatar back in the days. Got War eagle instead.
  11. Completely forgot about that one. Found HD version on my PC, playing the hell out of it today. Also I seen Cossacks series mentioned, really didnt know that anyone knows about those games :v I really liked the setting (17th-18th century), you dont see that often in RTS games, or in any games in general.
  12. Well, RTS are probably my most favorite types of games. C&C (except 4th one), Supreme Commander, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Rise of nations: Rise of Legens, Starcraft, Warcraft, god there is so much Also really like Heroes of might and magic, though those are turn based.
  13. Well it's true, there is always the possiblity of random disconnects and such, but nobody can tell, if someone left intentionaly or simply crashed. While I definitely agree that it can (and will, when it happens) cause frustration, having to win match is still the best way in my humble opinion. It would also motivate all the players to try and win the game, though could also cause some griefing, I.E when one of the 4 players intentionally doesnt finish their objective, and such. But I doubt that would happen often, since everyone would want to complete those daily quests for the rewards.
  14. Imho, it should be to win the match. Otherwise, it would be just people starting the match, and then leaving/afking. Of course, if playing the 12-player campaign, for example, actually means playing and finishing it, then I dont think there is problem here. As for the reroll penalty, Im okay with that. You still get the possibility to change a quest, if you dont like it/cant finish it. Also an idea (dont hurt me if its already been said/adressed somewhere else), how about having three regular daily quests and one hard one. The hard one would not be possible to reroll, and it would be, wel
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