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1- Parallel parties collide **causes freeze (not crash)**


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Name: Parallel parties collide **causes freeze (not crash) )**

Severity: 1 (according to the classification guides laid out in template. Causes game to freeze, requiring  restart)

Location: In- game (possibly all non-solo or even solo games) 2 player RPVE confirmed.
Location may also be considered a chat channel.
However, It's my opinion that he team chap bugging out is a result of the bug, not the cause.

Reproducability: Unknown

Description: I wish I had more to put here. I was playing an RPVE 7, we were communicating in chat, the game started to stutter, nothing out of the unusual, when suddenly. The game froze. Chat still worked, so we were talking. Then I noticed there appeared to be another team chatting in our group's team chat. They didn't appear to be able to read our previous messages.

Screenshot: Provided. Will likey appear as an attatchment at the bottom of the post

Additional information: It was the team chat (Dark blue font colour) that seemed to flip out.


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