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3 - In Auction, you can bid on a card after it is bought out

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NAMEIn Auction, you can bid on a card after it is bought out
LOCATION: Auction House
REPRODUCIBILITY: Happened 2 times today
DESCRIPTION: I bid on two cards today, and each time I bid on the card the game froze then I was disconnected. I assume someone had used the buyout option or the auction had already ended right before I placed my bid, as when I searched for the card after I logged back in it was no longer in the Auction House. I never received the cards by mail, and my bfp was lost. So, it seems before a bid should be placed, a check should be made to make sure the card is still in the Auction House.

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Okay, so I replicated the results with a friend online. I have attached the part of the log file during that login. I connected to the shop at this line "[21:20:45] Proxy::HandlePacket(): Connecting to server: Shop". Something interesting that happened this time is that I was not disconnected after I placed the bid. But the game did say the bid was successful, and I never received the card (my friend did get it after he bought it), and I lost my bfp for the bid (and they did not come back after I logged back in).


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