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3- no mail after buying a card on the auction house


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  • NAME: No card received after buying it on the auction house
  • LOCATION: auction house
  • DESCRIPTION: I bought 2 cards in the auction house, but I only got a mail from the second card I got. I lost the bfp for both cards tough. Restaring the game didn't help, still got no mail. 
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I bought them right after another, without leaving the auction house, maybe that's why it only gave me the 2nd card I bought.
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  • NAME: Max mail limit prevented me from receiving further auction mail
  • LOCATION: Auction House
  • DESCRIPTION: After having too many mails i got the message that i have incoming mail so i went ahead and deleted them all while paying attention to my bfp in case the new mails get deleted aswell and i receive bfp. That did not happen neither did i receive further mail nor did i receive the bfp. Im 90% sure it was bfp that i got of off selling cards as i dont receive other mail and i just freshly put in all cards so it wasnt a card being send back.
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