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3 - Offering (G) goes on cooldown with charges present

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NAME: Offering (G) goes on cooldown with charges present
REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS (checked with 2 accounts 2 maps)
DESCRIPTION: Offering Green (hasn't checked other version) goes on cooldown with charges >1.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: None. Offering_bug_11_09_2018.thumb.png.3c90419f322d54ccfe5df65bc7d20396.png

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Point is that it goes on cooldown (or has reusable interval too big) instead of being reusable every 5-20 seconds like most Arcane cards. It should be several seconds reusable, not cooling down when it has charges >1. When it has 0 charges it goes on cooldown and then adds a single charge after cooldown if finished. It could be a bug from original game, this spell is quite buggy, like sometimes it adds 2 charges instead of just 1.

The description has to mention how fast will it be reusable, then with upgrades the [reusable] interval shrinks, while [cooldown] stays the same.

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it is a bug from original game.
if i use this spell  for 4 orb unit which has 0 left and is on cooldown once - it restores 1. But if i use it again to restore card - then it shows that i have 3 charges on 4 orb card. But if i call the card twice it shows that it has 1 charge left but it is on cooldown.
I hope you can understand my tough explanation ;)

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A bug from original game still counts i think, and the card description does not mention its recast time like literally all other arcane cards do. I mean its like "meh doesn't matter", but i think it should be fixed someday.

1. Description lacks recast number specified.

2. On some ocassions it restores more than 1 charge - use it on 1 charge T4 creature grants 2 extra charges.

3. Recast time takes too long - almost like [cooldown time with 0 charges] = [recast time with >0 charges] - it shouldn't be like this

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