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Pure Frost PVP Deck


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I'll just go through the most important things with this deck. If you need more information feel free to ask.



Glacier Shell is missing. Building protects are quite important to keep your powerwells and orbs alive, which are the most important objectives in the game.

I would also recommend playing either Lightblade (purple) or Glyph of Frost in T1. They will help you in certain scenarios and provide alot more safety in many scenarios in the early to mid game


Mountain Rowdy out: Slow meelee units are quite weak, because you can kite them

Phalanx out: Same problem as with mountain Rowdy, they are only useful in a shadow frost deck in combination with Nasty (Lightblade is also cool in combination with their Payback ability, but this is hard to execute)

Kobold Trick is missing as a second building protect here to provide safety against any kind of siege attacks

I also prefer Skyelftempler over Gravitiy Surge, but that's personal preference


Northland Drake has horrible stats for 240 power and is only somewhat useful against a few decks that lack a proper anti air counter

Timeless One is missing here, one of the strongest T3 cards overall and has an amazing synergy with north star

Shield Building + Ashebone is strong, when you're going for a shadow splash in T3, otherwise amii ritual is also an option (especially in 2v2s)

Curse Well is also an option, but I despise this card, because it's completely broken  



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White Ranger's real stats are: 440M/990S, 70e, ability does 900 dps for 25e I think.
Defenders: 540L/810S, 70e, ability give 70% dr and steadfast for 10e.
Stormsinger: 577M/750M, swift, 60e, ability does gravity surge for 30e.

If your intention is to siege with White Ranger ( I don't see why you would considering you have War Eagle and Mountaineer already), then Defenders are better (2700hp when in their stance and basically immortal with shield support. They may not do a lot of damage, but they can keep at it for a very long time).
If your intention is to use White Ranger as a M counter, then their low dps, vulnerability to cc and slow movement speed will give lackluster result. You should maybe substitute them for Stormsinger. At the same time, you can save a deck slot on Gravity Surge and use it for Skyelf Templar. You are going to need air control for War Eagle as they can't attack air.

Just my grain of salt. Apart from what RadicalX pointed out, it seem like a good deck. I wouldn't want to be matched against it, if I was playing pure fire (War Eagle+Mountaineer is going to hurt).

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