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[Kubik Server]1- Duplicate or sometimes triplicate boosters upon buying.


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Server: Kubik Server

Topic title: 1 - Duplicate or sometimes triplicate boosters upon buying.

NAME: Duplicate or sometimes triplicate boosters upon buying.
LOCATION: Forge, Shop
REPRODUCIBILITY: some conditions apply. Not always.
DESCRIPTION: When buying boosters, and having about 3 or more in Inventory. Quickly opening them with the open booster button spam then quickly buying new boosters trigger double or triple boosters per single purchase. The value of BFP deducted is 500, which is correct for one booster, and the boosters when opened add actual cards to your inventory ( controlled by watching inventory statistics). Therefore it is actual duplicate boosters and not just a visual bug. Does not seem to happen with 3+ boosters but opening booster by both clicking open booster and flip all cards.


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That's flood protector doing its job - preventing too fast booster buying and opening. You are not duplicating nor triplicating anything, you're just getting an error packet which contains no boosters and then you trigger the refresh with some action like shop or inventory opening, which resyncs your booster collection. The booster amount at any time is the same.

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