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3 - Upgrade order changes after assigning them to a member

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LOCATION: Post-Game screen (screen with Upgrades, Statistics and Gold after winning a match)
DESCRIPTION: After me and @RadicalX finished playing a map, we got to the loot screen and saw the following upgrades (named in order from left to right): Area Ice Shield, Buggy White Card, Timeless One, Lost Shade. After RadicalX assigned the cards (Lost Shade for me, Timeless One and Area Ice Shield for Radical and disenchanted the Buggy White Card), the order in which the upgrades were displayed changed to: Lost Shade, Timeless One, Area Ice Shield, Buggy White Card. The order didn't use to change in the old BF.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I would also like to point on that after receiving the Lost Shade as reward I got the system message: " You have received Lost Shade as reward! ", which is kinda misleading since it sounds like I received the card when I only received the upgrade for it, in this case Lost Shade III. I suggest this system message to be worded differently if possible, to something like " You have received upgrade III for Lost shade as reward! "

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