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3 - Error insert game disk

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NAME: Showing an error message upon entering the replay section
LOCATION: Replay section
DESCRIPTION: After I saved several replays and added one from the year 2013 which is still from the latest version of Battleforge, everytime I open the replaysection an error message appears about three times "There no disk in your drive, insert a medium into drive E:" it is not one-hundred percent accurate since the error message is on german, but thats roughly what it says.
However I can watch the replays without any problems, but after I finish a replay this message also appears around three times.
If I close then the replay section, and open it again, the message just appears again.
SCREENSHOT/REPLAY: You can find below
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I also deleted the replays and it still doesn't work, it yet shows me the same error message.

Screenshot 2017-02-26 21.35.40.png

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