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Card Upgrade and Hidden Info Database


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Greetings, Skylords

As some of you might already have heard, I've been spending my time in the forge updating existing information we had on card upgrades, ability costs and hidden values and meanings behind obscure ability descriptions. It has finally been completed; I have documented every card's upgrade values, found out each ability cost (which is not usually stated in card descriptions) and I have found some missing information on some card descriptions that are vague or don't describe anything at all. Examples include the mechanics behind Rage and Root Network bonuses, spawned creature health/attack power or even what the heck spells like Lost Evocation and Thunderstorm do exactly.

I put it all in a speadsheet for you to observe. Hopefully we can use all this information to keep the Wiki, Allcards and the game itself in a better state! Have a look over here to see the list:


Enjoy and expect the future to hold wiki updates to be done. 
Stay cool, Skylords, and please try to avoid those pesky little rodents hiding in the soles of your shoes, they have sent complaints.

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