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Error after opening mail

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NAME: Error after opening mail

DESCRIPTION: since last week when trying to open mail i recieve an error after which not only I can't open the mail, but also world, contats, marketplace, etc.

REPRODUCIBILITY: happens every time after trying to open mail

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I've attached a screenshot of what exactly the error says

LOG: attached as well

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The error is persistant and happens on my other computer as well, hence I'd guess the problem is not on my side. (maybe some invalid characters or formatting in my mail?)



Screenshot 2024-07-08 175440.png


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Posted (edited)

Tested, the error is still there.

Screenshot 2024-07-08 224157.png

Created a new account just to test if mail opened there (pls don't ban me, I know I shouldn't) and it works fine. (diplay name of the test acc: masternoonTest)

Edited by masternoon
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Dear @masternoon,

We have to point out that we of course don't like it when users create multiple accounts - even if we understand why. If something like this happens, it would be helpful to discuss it with us beforehand to avoid possible rule violations. We will not ban your main account, but we will have to ban the second account after the problem has been solved.


We hope that we team can provide a solution for you.

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