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New Player Deck Help for PvE ~ Nature

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Welcome, aspiring Skylords, to your journey in mastering the art of deck building! Whether you're just stepping into the world of Skylords reborn or a returning player from Battleforge, the quest for that one perfect deck will always be a topic at hand. 


Nature is a faction that feels very cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. Its units feel wild and the spells have some form of serenity with them. The Nature Faction is often associated with Healing, Crowd Control (CC), and its Root Network. In most Nature decks, you’ll find an abundance of both Healing and CC, while Root Network decks have their own niche. 

Beginner Nature cards 

Players start the game with some Nature cards already in their collection. The following cards are a great starting point for any beginning Nature deck:



Windweavers: Windweavers are a reliable archer unit with a high damage value. As such, they are capable of carrying Nature through most challenges.
Surge of Light: Surge of Light is a powerful healing tool that remains relevant even in higher tiers.
Breeding Grounds: A support building that allows you, and your teammates, to spawn units with a discount. 
Curse of Oink: Curse of Oink is an instant CC spell with a downside. Great in defensive and offensive scenarios.
Swamp Drake: Swamp Drake is an all-around great unit. It flies, is cheap, and has a built-in cc ability. 
Giant Wyrm: A flying creature with high damage output and a respectable amount of health, great for clearing any late-game threats.
Regrowth: Regrowth is one of the most powerful and convenient healing spells in the game, with no extrinsic conditions, a low cooldown, and a high charge count that lets it be spammed.

Budget Nature cards

Some budget options to add to this deck would be:

!deck MiIuLfV-KULOLtL


Werebeasts: Werebeasts are melee units that heal themselves during, and outside of combat, which makes them a great addition to your tier 1 Nature arsenal. 
Ensnaring Roots: a tier 1 cc spell that prevents the enemy units from walking. This spell is great at picking of enemies from a safe distance. 
Deep One: Deep One is a beefy unit that can tank quite a lot of hits and is great against units of its own size.
Creeping Paralysis: Creeping Paralysis is a delayed cc spell with no drawbacks. 
Thunderstorm: One of the few aoe damaging spells the nature faction has access to. 
Grimvine: Grimvine is a strong melee tier 4 unit that can be your main unit in the front line.
Noxious Cloud: Noxious Cloud is a slow damaging spell that ramps up in damage over time in quite a large area. 

Premium Nature cards

Some premium options to make your deck more powerful or efficient would be:

!deck MvVvGoRmIWaBNpI


Dryad: Dryad is a special unit that allows your other units to take less damage from enemy attacks. A great unit for every lower-tier army. 
Parasite Swarm: Parasite Swarm plays an important role for Pure Nature in many campaign maps, enabling the takeover of powerful enemy units.
Shrine of Memory: Shrine of Memory is a building that allows you to regain power from your void-power pool faster than usual, enabling you to play more units and cast more spells. 
Forest Elder: As the only T4 Pure Nature, Forest Elder should be the linchpin of any Nature deck. The unit provides healing, damage, and is a walking Breeding Ground.
Primeval Watcher: Primeval Watcher could be a non-budget alternative to Giant Wyrm. It has great damage that spreads to many enemies and has a cheap CC ability.
Sanctuary: Sanctuary creates a spell-blocking aura around your units and lowers the duration of them being cc'ed. 
Mind Control: Mind Control allows the player to turn the strongest enemies into permanent allies.

Deck examples

An RPvE deck for both Advanced and Expert. 



A full Nature deck with the Root mechanic as its base.



A full Nature deck with only common and uncommon cards.



A generic all-round Nature deck.



If you have any questions regarding deck building with Nature on a budget or want to know how the perfect nature deck looks for each scenario, feel free to reach out via Discord or ask your questions below in this thread. 

Credits: Nature Deep Dive and SMJ



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