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Titans 4th player spot last wall bug


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Playing the 4th spot in Titans Expert I was using Nightguards to take over the enemy Deep Ones, I had 3 deep ones, 5 dreadchargers, and 3 nightguards.
The last wall where you have a colossus on the other side completely ruined my run, I destroyed one of the wall segments where Windweavers are standing in, using Wallbreaker spell.
I commanded the units to walk through the open wall segment and attack the buildings on the other side of the wall and they refused to walk through the wall completely, I kept clicking and clicking the other side nonstop and the units just stopped in front of the wall, gawking at the windweavers shooting them.

Sure, it probably would've been solved by breaking more walls, can't know for sure because we lost the mission because of this, this shouldn't have happened in the first place, there was nothing barring the units from walking through and it made me quite agitated. I was so stunlocked I didn't even have time to take a picture. This has something to do with unit pathing, maybe the mark of the keeper too?

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