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BUG: imperials get stuck in slow-mode even after de-activating the ability


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NAME: imperials get stuck in slow-mode even after de-activating the ability

DESCRIPTION: since last patch OR server maintenance (cannot tell): imperials after activating ability once lose their normal speed forever. Even if you deactivate the ability or apply soulstone, they are stuck at the same slow speed. 

REPRODUCIBILITY: it is a rule, not an exception so it was reproductivble 100% of times yesterday. 

SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: I have a replay - you can view me on rpve. At 6:50 when I finish clearing a camp with master archers, imperials and tempest, you can click imperials. I de-activate the ability. There are no debuff effects applied on the unit. They keep walking slowly, so I kill them a few sec later (knowing that the bug occured again).

LOG: it was long playtime so exceeds size limit: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/zc2lg2psaf4c0jvd9agcr/_log_proxy_2.log?rlkey=471r18retlgyq67d68tq5nmbk&dl=0

Replay attached too.


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