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Fire/Ice what's your thoughts on what it should be as a faction.

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I'm curious since we have all the factions designed but FIRE/ICE, what do you think there faction design would be. With Amii being buff/debuff choice I wanted to throw Ideas of what would be fire/ice big thing. This is mostly for fun and wanted to pick at peoples mind.

This would be my design idea for Fire/Ice

I feel with Ice and fire having more technology based units and soldiers. I feel they could be a technical unit/smaller unit focus. More focus on outputting damage with smaller aggressive units as we really lack a infantry focused faction (bandit's is about as close we get.) with a few Large units being tanks and planes something closer to a modern military with battle forge technology. Big units for support, small units are your major attack power vs the alternative that orb 3/orb 4 becomes.

Main Mechanic

- Garrison

Essentially puts a buff on a building and said buildings (the Fire/Frost specific buildings) that gives said building it's attack with a range bonus. Allowing for bait and pull tactics with buildings, and allowing to have more supportive focus buildings which use units to give them an attack presence. They also get this range bonus on walls.

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