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Found 12 results

  1. As I type this, this Turducken Invitational Tournament is underway! What is an Invitational? Invitational Tournaments are NOT open to the public. They feature top players who qualify based on some criteria, or are "wildcarded" (or invited just because). Typical qualifications might be to have an ELO greater than XX or to have won a tournament before, etc. Since we don't have ranked PvP yet, I invited some players that other top players recommended. It's hard to know who is active, and several people did not respond. But if you feel that you are one of the best PvP players and you want to be invited to the next invitational, just make sure that I know! Who is playing? Johnzyna, SaintStryker, RadicalX, Hirooo, Navarr, SunWu, TopS3cret, Raupy Is there a prize pool? YES! There is a prize pool for the winners, which will be split 50/30/20. There is also an additional prize pool for the most interesting game. IF YOU WANT TO DONATE BFP/CARDS, I am accepting donations to boost the prize pool. I will be investing at least 1/2 of my BFP for prizes, and we already have a donation of 500 BFP. If you want to donate, just send me an ingame mail in the forums with whatever you want to donate, and make sure to mention if you want this to be donated for the regular prize pool or the "best game" prize pool. When will I see the tournament? I will be recording tournament games and I will upload them to the BattleForge Creator's Guild once the rounds are finished! What is the tournament format? Swiss System Rules for Contestants: 1. There are no deck restrictions. 2. Games are best 3 of 5. 3. Pairings: I will randomly seed each player for pairings. Note that the seed doesn't really matter, because it's a Swiss System. 4. Tie-breaks: If necessary, a playoff will decide 2nd and 3rd place. For tie-breaks beyond 3rd place: Solkoff, with direct encounter taking priority. 5. Abuse: If the game allows it, you can play it. Just remember that we are advertising this as the tournament of the best players in the game, and every game is recorded and commentated. You may/will get hate from other players for playing "lame" or abusing something (like phasetowers). I will also be critical in my commentary if I feel you are doing something unsportsmanlike. 6. Prizes: I'll donate from my own supply, but more importantly I'll ask viewers for bfp donations. Winnings will be split 50/30/20 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I'll also have a "best game" prize pool, where viewers will vote on the most entertaining game. Both players of that game will split a separate prize pool. MAP SELECTION: 1. Starting map: I will randomly assign each as Player 1 or Player 2. Player 1 bans the first map, then player 2 bans two maps. Player 1 bans the final map. Player 2 chooses whether he would like position 1 or position 2. 2. Starting map options (game 1 only): Haladur, Simai, Elyon, Lajesh, Uro 3. Counterpicks: The winning player bans 2 maps. The losing player chooses from the remaining maps. Additionally, you may not return to the map of your most recent win. [example: if P1 wins on Haladur, P2 wins on Uro, P1 may choose Uro (but not Haladur, so it makes no sense to ban it). However if P1 lost game 4, he may choose Haladur for game 5] 4. Counterpick map options: Simai, Haladur, Elyon, Wazhai, Lajesh, Uro, Yrmia, Lajesh, generated.
  2. Hello everyone and I am here to ask what is written on the topic. I played some games that you could host tourneys by your own (Clash royale for example). Will the game have a feature that will allow us to host the tourneys in game or we will need to post on the forums? If that is the case, the player will need to get bfps from his pocket and give as a prize to winners Or only community managers will be able to host tournaments? If this is a repost or something similar to other thread I'm sorry ) : Thx for the attention and I see you guys in the forge I think this is similar but I don't get it
  3. The Battleforge Tournament scene has a few problems: 1. Low PvP playerbase Hopefully this will no longer be a problem. With the current hype (and active youtube channels emphasizing PvP) my impression is that we have many new players who are interested to try out the game mode. I personally believe that if BF is to survive again, PvP needs a strong playerbase, so we should encourage it. Having Tournaments (especially for new players) is a GREAT way to increase PvP participation. So the more tournaments we have (at least geared toward new players), the better the tournament scene will get. 2. Skill barrier to entry If we don't have PvP players, we need to get them. That means they need to overcome the barrier to entry. In Battleforge, the skill barrier is not that high. Probably because of the (previous?) lack of knowledge about how to play PvP, a week of training on fundamentals and how to play will make a new player (with cards) better than 90% of the playerbase. Perhaps this won't be the case in Skylords Reborn, but I could certainly stand over someone's shoulders and coach him to victory very quickly in the old game. 3. Card barrier to entry Here is the main problem, as I see it. Grinding needs to happen. Okay, cool. We accept that, and I'm sure the rate of card and upgrade acquisition will be similar. It's no fun if players can buy cards but not upgrade them, or vice versa. The only currency is time and I think that will be reasonable for everyone. Plus, it's nice to see your matchmaking increase as you acquire good cards (assuming that you can have a good deck in <1 month, for instance). But this does constrain players because certain decks are just cheaper than other decks. A clear "price meta" will emerge--not only is such a meta unfun to play and watch (if everyone has the same deck)--but it may skew tournament results (because veterans with more cards can play a more expensive deck that naturally counters the price meta--or maybe if I know that you only have a pure fire deck and I have all decks, then you only have 1 option and I can pick frost the whole time and you can't change). We already discussed ad nauseam about removing upgrades, or some solutions around that. I'll link @ndclub's classic thread, as well as my suggestion to overcome the main problem he proposed. Now, I want to discuss a potentially alternative solution. This solution applies ONLY toward tournaments, okay? Let's ignore whether or not upgrades are vital in standard PvP/PvE, and focus on tournaments. Regardless of your opinion on the former option, I hope we can all agree that tournaments will be vitally improved if every player has access to all cards U3 (like in the final days of BF). It puts everyone on the same footing. So, how can we accomplish this without giving new players all the cards at U3? I propose a NEW GAME MODE. Let's call it tournament mode or something. [Alternatively, we can skip "tournament mode" and just allow players in the sparring grounds to have access to all cards somehow] Tournament mode would be set up by some tournament director (TD), and have requirements. For instance, a TD could want a tournament for players with ELO in a certain range, with certain rules for selecting maps and decks, and all players could access certain/all cards at a specified upgrade level. Perhaps I want a tournament open to all players, but you have to use only M units. Tournament mode would also be very fun for having these sorts of silly decks or ideas. The main idea: in tournament mode, you play who the TD tells you to, and you are provided cards that can only be used in tournament mode. This limits you if the TD wants a silly tournament, and it helps you if you are a new player. Everyone is on equal footing. What do you think? I know the devs removed tome mode because it was difficult to code and I think this would be coded the exact same way--but tome mode wasn't popular, and this might be worth coding. Even if it's not possible, we can still talk and idealize and maybe brainstorm another way to make it happen (like perhaps some form of account that has all cards and can't trade, and we can loan access to new players for tournaments). TL;DR: I'm proposing a new game mode (perhaps to replace tome) that allows a tournament director to decide which cards (and upgrades) a player has access to. These cards would only be used in that specific tournament (you can't use my tournament cards in someone else's tournament, or use it for sparring, ranked, PvE, etc.), and will expire at the completion of the tournament. I want to know your thoughts!
  4. @RadicalX and I were talking a little bit, and we thought it might be nice to present the community with a set of "recommended" tournament rulesets (like they recently did in Smash4, if you follow that). This will be things like legal maps, format (bo3, double elimination, pools, round robin, etc), and deck limitations (do you know your opponent's deck beforehand, are there bans, etc). We're going to have a series of discussions on PM (and maybe discord if we can all meet at once, but that might not be necessary) and decide upon a "standard" ruleset (or maybe more than one). We'll then present this to the community for further refining. If you want to get in on the PM discussions, just post here (and tag me so I get a notification, will you?) with a short summary of why you'll be beneficial to the discussion. Note that we're not only looking for strong PvP players--spectators are also an important part of any tournament. We're looking for people from diverse backgrounds who can give informed opinions, and actively participate in the discussion. The reason we're doing it in PM is to avoid being sidetracked by a random comment, but also to maintain accountability in actively keeping up with the discussion. And of course, the ruleset we end up presenting will be in no way the only tournament format that people can organize. The goal, however, is for most major tournaments to conform to these rulesets. It will be nice to have a generally unifying standard to prepare for. For instance, if most tournaments are played with only spectator-enabled maps, then perhaps a frost t1 becomes a better/worse option (depending on the number of map bans left). Or let's say you've got one deck at level 100 and you're trying to decide if it's worth going all the way to 120, or starting to upgrade a new deck. If the standard tournament ruleset means you register 1 deck and play the whole time with it, than it's probably better to sink your upgrades into 1 deck before moving on. Of course, preparing for tournaments is probably the smallest factor in determining what deck to play, but I do think a generally standardized tournament format is a good thing. So once again, if you'd like to join the discussion, post below with a short summary of why you'll be helpful!
  5. anonyme0273

    Age of Mythology tournament

    Greetings, mighty Skylords, Skyladies, and Skythings! (I will never stop with that) As many of you probably know, Age of Mythology (AoM) has been a discussed topic in the past weeks on the Forum. I wondered if we could organize a friendly tournament - there are many players I know of, and most of them are very good, and it could be fun. Age of Mythology is a mythology-based RTS, available on Steam. If you are interested in partaking in the tournament, please vote for a date you desire, game mode and more. If enough people sign up (6 is enough really, it's just for fun ), I will work out the details. If we don't manage to get enough people, those who find a time will at least be able to play a bigger game than a 1v1 or a 2v2, which could be entertaining Thank you for reading, looking forward to playing with you! -------- UPDATED: Because the amount of players is uncertain, let's just have a gathering and play for fun THIS SUNDAY (19.3.). If someone can't play, we can then repeat the same thing next SATURDAY (25.3.). Add me on Skype on Discord and let me know if you can make it, we will be playing in the evening probably, but all is subject to change. See ya then
  6. ````````````````````````````````````````````Fourth HS SR Tournament! Rules: 1. (Voting above). 2. (Voting above). 3. (Voting above). 4. Can we repeat decks vs same opponent? Voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12098577 *** - You have to choose x decks if you have to get x wins, and every win you have to get by different deck (when you lost, you can repeat deck). Play whatever you want. 5. Wild or standard? http://www.strawpoll.me/12098612 6. What hour we will play? http://www.strawpoll.me/12098628 7. How many classes can we choose? http://www.strawpoll.me/12098660 Later here will be added second voting about class number 8. No legendary cards restrictions. 9. Rules are absolute. 10. Should I add something? 11. Tournament will be on Europe server. If we will have again not many persons, tournament might be only one day. There might be streams, i am looking for streamer (can compete in tournament). Tournament will be organized on discord channel, link to it close before it starts. You can sign into tournament to 10 minutes before it starts. To sign in, you have to write here your battle.tag. I'd invite everyone who was in old tournaments, and also everyone new is nice to see. @JoseAlmeida @Killhakan @Geradon @Anonymos @Eirias @LetsEinfallslos002 @shadowxxs77 @tbpeti @Aazrl @Ultrakool @anonyme0273 @Valaraukar @ryolo4ever. Signed players: 1. Dallarian#21523 (Dallarian) 2. tyranosauros#2642 (Killhakan) 3. fabiosilva#2415 (ryolo4ever) 4. Ekko#2764 (Anonymos) Please check my HS tournaments feedback thread and tell me what i can improve:
  7. Dallarian

    Hearthstone tournament's feedback

    Already we passed 3 tournaments, next one will be in next week. I guess that there were many bad things that you didn't liked or hated in organization, rules, preparing and other. Please post here everything what were wrong with optional how to improve it. Thanks for your feedback! @JoseAlmeida @Killhakan @Geradon @Anonymos @Eirias @LetsEinfallslos002 @shadowxxs77 @tbpeti @Aazrl @Ultrakool @anonyme0273 @Valaraukar
  8. This tournament should be short after new expansion* release. Probably you will get some random cards from boosters, and won't be able to create dream deck in first days/weeks, so i "worse" players will have their chance to win. There will be 80G reward**, I am sure that it will help a little to get more new expansion cards. Rules: 1. (Voting above). Bo3 2. (Voting above). 1 ban 3. (Voting above). round robin 4. Can we repeat decks vs same opponent? Voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11743501 *** - You have to choose x decks if you have to get x wins, and every win you have to get by different deck (when you lost, you can repeat deck). Play whatever you want. 5. Wild or standard? http://www.strawpoll.me/11743505 Wild 6. What hour we will play? http://www.strawpoll.me/11743507 Evening 7. No legendary cards restrictions. 8. Rules are absolute. 9. Should I add something? 10. Tournament will be on Europe server. 11. How many classes can we choose? http://www.strawpoll.me/11804303 7 If we will have again not many persons, tournament might be only one day. There might be streams. You can sign into tournament to 10 minutes before it starts. To sign in, you have to write here your battle.tag. I'd invite everyone who was in old tournaments, and also everyone new is nice to see. @JoseAlmeida @Killhakan @Geradon @Anonymos @Eirias @LetsEinfallslos002 @shadowxxs77 @tbpeti @Aazrl Signed players: 1. Dallarian#21523 (Dallarian) 2. Ultrakool#2721 (Ultrakool) 3. Aazrl#1712 (Aazrl) 4. Ekko#2764 (Anonymos) 5. Anonyme0273#2808 (anonyme0273) 6. tyranosauros#2642 (Killhakan) 7. TheDarkFish#2371 (Valaraukar) 8. Leria#2577 (LetsEinfallslos002) * - Hearthstone Mean Streets of Gadgeton expansion, not any Skylords Reborn ** - As 80 gold quest from me, so you will have to play one game with me, it will in first 1-3 months from tournament
  9. Dallarian

    Hearthstone tournament October 8-9

    After September succesful tournament i'd organize next one in october, but this time thanks to Shotty rules will be created by you (by voting). There might be reward. Rules: 1. (Voting above) 2. (Voting above) 3. Voting above) 4. Tournament format (voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11298605 ) 5. Deck rules (voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11298592 ) 6. Standard or wild (voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11298538 ) 7. What time tournament will be (voting here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11298665 ) Becouse of CEST time is centre of europe and tournament will be on Europe server, we will use CEST time. Tournament will be on Europe server. Who will get reward is our sponsor thing and I have no intention to interfere in. If we will have again not many persons, tournament might be only one day. There might be streams. Players list: (Battle.tag and forum nick) Dallarian#21523 ( @Dallarian ) Geradon#2810 ( @Geradon ) Can't Yaexiste@outlook.com (tyranousauros#2642) ( @Killhakan ) Ekko#2764 @Anonymos (?) FerrousLupus#1948 ( @Eirias ) Leria#2577 @LetsEinfallslos002 shadowxxs7#2855 ( @shadowxxs77 ) Can't Cr4Zy#1398 ( @tbpeti ) Aazrl#1712 ( @Aazrl ) You can register till 6 october 2016. Did I miss something?
  10. Tournament starts today! Recrutation is closed. Start at 16:00 CEST (7 hours left!) Be sure to add everyone to your friend list before tournament begin: 1.Leria#2577 ( @LetsEinfallslos002 ) 2. @shadowxxs77 3.JusTT#21636 ( @JoseAlmeida ) 4.Dallarian#21523 ( @Dallarian ) 5.Yaexiste@outlook.com (tyranousauros#2642) ( @Killhakan ) 6.Geradon#2810 ( @Geradon ) Rules: -Wild format. -You play whatever you want. -You can play 3 different decks in 3 different games (no limits), so you can use 15 different decks in whole tournament. (but you can ofcorse play one deck nonstop) -We play to 2 wins. -Reward is fun and some knowledge for me how to organize tournaments in might future. -Everyone start next round in same time. -Noone can watch your game (he might help your enemy). Rule change, everyone can watch your game (anyway noone can check that) but at your own risk, he might help your enemy, and you can kick someone watching you by your friendlist (without deleting friend). -After finished round, winner message me on forum in format "1 won 2:1 with 2" or "I won 2:0 with XYZ" -Europe server -New rule: You can talk with your enemy but at your own risk, you might say something what help him ... -New rule: If there will be draw in points for 2 persons, we are looking who won when this 2 persons were fighting each other. @Eirias will watch games and later maybe upload it on youtube (if you won't have anything against it), but he can't talk with you while playing. Blackboad: X.......1.....2.....3.....4.....5.....6 1 x 1 1 1 1 0 2 0 x 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 x 0 0 0 4 0 1 1 x 0 0 5 0 1 1 1 x 0 6 1 1 1 1 1 x Will be updated after every round. How you will play? Look at numbers in correct round, check vs who are you playing and then duel with him (when round begins) Round 1: 1vs6, 3vs4, 5vs2 Round 2: 1vs3, 6vs5, 4vs2 Round 3: 1vs5, 4vs6, 3vs2 Round 4: 1vs4, 3vs5, 6vs2 Round 5: 6vs3, 4vs5, 1vs2 Today 3 rounds (more if you have enough time), tommorow 2 rounds. Is everything clear? May the best win!
  11. Uhthis

    Speed Run Competitions

    So, first post here, and just a quick thought that I had here. A lot of people liked speed running. I think that perhaps having a weekly speed run competition would be good to encourage more activity amongst the community. Just an example here, at the start of the week (Sunday or Monday or so), the map gets announced, then everyone gets either X amounts of attempts for the week, or maybe they get X amount of attempts /day? As reward, they get some BFP or gold or something, and they're listed on a ranking somewhere, where a list is maintained for best speed runs all time for each map, and then of course, the best speed runners for previous few weeks. Small side notes: Would allowing people to buy extra attempts for BFP or Gold be acceptable as an idea? I'm personally conflicted on it. How sizable would the rewards be, and could they include booster packs? Would there be special rewards for breaking all time records? Or should that be implemented after a while so that people have time to establish a good record TO be beat first? Thank you for your time, Skylords! Forge on.
  12. Aragorn

    Aragorn's Tournament RuleSet

    Introduction In the past, I have run Battleforge tournaments for the French community. I’d like to share to rule set I used. Feel free to use this setup or modify it; just make sure to link this post if youdo! The tournament should normally take 9 weeks with minimum 16 players. Note for terminology: “Match” refers to the set of all “games” between 2 players in the Round Robin or Elimination Bracket. General Rules 1. Every player will register with a set of 23 cards. These are the only 23 cards the player may use at any point in the tournament. 18 of these will be “core” cards and may not change. Of the remaining 5 cards, each player may which 2 to bring to fill out his deck. The decision of which “backup” cards to bring against each opponent is made immediately before the game. Everyone will know which 18 cards you have selected as “core” and which 5 you have selected as “backup,” but no one will know your exact deck build for the game. 2. Either player may submit results. Be sure to include a replay! 3. Players will be divided into several pools and a Round Robin in each pool will determine who qualifies for Bracket Double Elimination. The winner of the tournament will be the player who survives the Bracket. 3. If a desynchronization error occurs, the game is canceled, regardless of who was winning. Players should act as though the game never happened, and proceed accordingly. If you suspect the desynch was caused on purpose, or if one player was very clearly winning, you may appeal to the Tournament Director (TD). Stage 1: Round Robin Qualifiers To decide which player will advance to the Double Elimination Bracket, players will start in a Round Robin Qualifying Pool. Every player must play every other player in the pool within 2 weeks (3 games per pair). If any matches are not complete by the time the Round Robin ends, the player who made a greater effort to meet wins the match 3-0. Organisers have the right to disqualify anyone, so please don’t be difficult. 1. Advancing players are determined by the total number of games won. 2. In the case of a tie between two players, the winner of the match between the two advances. If there is a multi-way tie, consider the results of only the players tied. If the tie remains add the scores of all the opponents the player has beaten to each player’s total score. If the tie still persists, add the score of each opponent the player has beaten times the number of games he won by. If none of these methods work, rank the players by order of the quickest win against another member in tiebreak contention. 3. The TD organizes the pools (players arranged in pools randomly or by preferred time zone). The pools must be organized in such a way that the same number of people advance from each pool, and the total number of players that advance is 16. Every pool should have the same number of players (a phantom player, which loses every match 0-3, may be added to keep the number of “players” in each pool constant). Example: if 29 players enter, then there will need to be 32 (2^5) spots in the Round Robin pool. Players 30-32 will be phantom (and will not be in the same pool), and pools can be: 1 pool of 32, 2 pools of 16, 4 pools of 8 (recommended), or 8 pools of 4. Divide 16 by the number of entrants (32 in this case) and multiply by the number of players in each pool to determine the number of qualifiers in each pool. Stage 2: Double Elimination Bracket 1. 16 players will advance from the Round Robin to a Double Elimination Bracket. 2. Normal sets are best of 3. Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, and Grand Finals are best of 5. 3. Players have1 week to arrange a time to play each match with their opponent. Organization of Sets 1. Map selection: The player with the highest rank (solo for solo and duo for duo tournament) strikes the first map. Then turn by turn players strike maps until only one remains. Random Generated maps are not allowed for the first game 2. Players decide their backup cards. Final deck built is secret, but if someone use a card he is not allowed, it’s an auto lose for that game. 3. After the first game, the winner of the previous game bans 2 maps (for this game only) and the loser chooses the map. This time you can ban or pick the random generated map. Winner cannot pick a map he already won once. Repeat Step 2 (deck build). 4. Repeat step 3 until the set (Bo3 or Bo5) is done. Maps 1v1: Elyon, Haladur, Lajesh, Simai ,Uro, Wazhai, Yrmia, Generated map 2v2: Danduil, Fyre, Gorgash, Koshan, Nadai, Turan, Yshia, Zahadune, Generated map Web site recommended Cards All allowed Recommended Web Site Challonge Explanation Rule 1. Unlike many other games, faction characteristics are semi accurate because of the freedom of cards selection. Which mean people can build a hard counter deck and also have to mind game because the opponent is going to do the same. The impact of this factor changes the balancing of the game. This rule is inspired from TGC rule and is mean to have a more balancing, enjoyable and representative set of the game outside tournament Special Thanks Erias for proofread

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