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Found 10 results

  1. Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Art Gallery by Me, the Chimaka

    Here Is my not first, but the best drown art - Stone Warrior environment with snowy blowings. I had drawn on fascinating lecture... Then I did the grafic rework on phone app Autodesk (*No advertising ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*), here it is. Lower I post high resolution sketch version. I'll also include in the topic few more sketches, but they are not reworked.
  2. Eirias

    Thumbnails for Replays

    Hey, is anyone good with photoshop or other graphic designs? I'm looking for a way to do thumbnails, because I think the lack of them really hurts the channels (or, it will when we try to get new people interested) So can anyone get some kind of images that I could use to signify different players? I suppose t1 units would be the best (archers, perhaps, so SS, MA, WW, and forsaken?), although the best-case scenario would be to get images of all the common PvP units, so I could put something that represents the players (like a vileblood if that was special during the match, or nox troopers if a game was won by spamming them, etc). So can anyone help me? Here is a thumbnail creator for Super Smash Bros, to give you an idea of what I need....
  3. Yogababa

    Battleforge Art...

    I love the startup art for Battleforge. Custom made just for it, it looks like. I think that Battleforge is in need of some new loading screen art of epic battles and serene landscapes in the world of Nyn. What kind of art style or reference should it have though? The closest I could think of is Warhammer type art. But then there is stuff from games like skyrim and destiny "destiny to a small degree" Its just an interesting idea if the somehow new art with a total badass makeover like in the start screen can make it to the loading screens
  4. Tobbezeichnet

    Card Art Rework

    Hi guys after my rework of the cards themself (border) I would like to rework some artworks that are e.g. not likeable or kinda outdated. Which card artworks do you think could use a rework? Examples that came to my mind are "promo Juggernaut, Mutating Maniac, Nightshade Plant, Aggressor, Bateriel" just to list a few. Maybe you have a different opinion to that...Let me know what your thoughts are below
  5. lFrostAvatar

    Custom Profile Pictures, Overlays et cetera

    Hey Skylords! Today I want to introduce you to my new thread, where you can send me offers for art related work such as the following: Profile Pictures for every kind of platform. Overlays for Youtube, Twitch et cetera, as well as thumbnails for videos. Signatures for all kind of things. If you are interested in one of these things, just write me a private message, or leave a comment here in this thread, I do this for free, naturally. There will be additionally new galleries on imgur which you can access through this thread, there you will find all the work done so far, so make sure to check it out if you are interested. However, because of privacy policies concerning my customers, all the material there will be not HD! if you want a HD version regardless of that, just let me know here in thread. The links you will find below! Profile Pictures Overlays Last but not least, thank you already for taking a look at the work, and thank you for all the future commissions, I hope I will have fun working, and most importantly, you being satisfied with your new individual piece of art!
  6. Hello Skylords Finally its done, today id like to participate in the BFR Contest --> FanArt. I just thought: well i cant draw, i cant program, cant compose and i have no experience of making a video. But i figured out that FanArt doesnt mean it has to be a picture, its just Art. So i decided to make THIS! (sadly i cant upload the pictures directly) http://imgur.com/a/WgFVj This sword weighs around 27 pounds, is made of steel and is 1,2 meter long. It is NOT sharp because of safety reasons. To create this blade it took me around 20 hours if i dont include the drying time of the varnish. On this pic you can see it without the varnish and that it is made of steel. Maybe you can see it, on the right there is my hand and i had problems holding it with only one hand cause its kinda heavy. http://imgur.com/a/1U801 How i made it: Sadly i have to admit that i never learned to use a forge. (which would fit even better). So i just took severel pieces of steel and welded them together, then i cuttet it into a raw shape. After that i grinded the whole blade, that was the most stressfull part of that. So i nearly cuttet, welded, grinded, bended around 18 hours until the form was finished. Then i get to the varnish part. That actually took the most time cause you always had to wait until its dry. I started with the grounding to make sure that the blade wont rust. Then i coloured the whole thing light blue. Waited again then used adhesive strips to protect the "arrow". Then came the black over all of that and then just removed the strips. To make sure that the Varnish wont go off i used clear coat to protect the colours. The last part was to use black duct tape for a better anti slip effect at the hold. http://imgur.com/a/YWT8x Now before you tell me what you think about that, i have to admit that im not soo happy with blue paint. In my opinion is has to be more bright. Also the spikes at the holder might not be correct. Well thats it from my side Thanks for reading that much text. See you in the forge
  7. Eirias

    Art Help?

    Hey guys, been off the grid a bit lately. If you haven't heard, it's because I've been in Japan and my internet is really bad. Because of this, I've spent a LOT of time on a video that's completely animated. I haven't been keeping track, but I'm pretty sure I've put in over 200 hours at this point. Anyway, I need some art! Just still images are fine. They can be hand-drawn, computer-drawn, photos, photoshopped, hand carved . . . however you want to do it, as long as it's original! So far I have a couple pictures from the internet that I'm pretty sure are not copyright protected, but there's one that's pretty important and I can't find on my own. I need a picture of a sheep huddle . I'm looking for something like this down below. I would prefer something simple and clip art-ish, but really, anything will do. Thanks a ton! Obviously you'll get credit in the video. Also, if anyone is interested, there are a couple other images that I'd really like to be original (but I'd rather not have spoilers in this thread) so let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a PM! Thanks again!
  8. Trihl

    Games Games Games!

    Games Games Games! Art, trailers, montages & gameplay! This threads purpose is to link (art)images, trailers, montages and gameplay videos or anything else regarding your favourite video game(s) and/or games your are currently hyped for. I know there are already a few threads regarding games, but they are not exactly showing off something and are merely discussion only. Info: If you upload an art image of someone else, make sure to provide a link to its source! Image source: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=695527 This Dark Souls 3 montage catched my attention lately. Great gameplay and nice music:
  9. anonyme0273

    Inkscape (art)

    This is a drawing I created in the graphic program called Inkscape - this is the pixel version of it in .png, so zooming will not be efficient, because it is a bitmap, not vector graphic as in the program itself. If you want to see more, let me know
  10. ibotje

    Stuff I make with Photoshop!

    Hey everybody! This will be the thread where i'll be sharing all the stuff I make using Photoshop! I'm quite skilled and if you have any idea's of what I should make post it below and i'll look into it I probably wont be doing all of them but if they seem interesting I'll try I'll constantly update this thread but making good things takes time ^^ Stuff I'm working on! A ad for on imgurA (possibly) improved version of BFR logo (when it's done i'll let the community decide) Stuff I finished! http://i.imgur.com/7GGh7wl.png (my own signature and background/cover for InsaneHawk) http://i.imgur.com/3hW7cIN.png (Signature for Ladadoos) http://i.imgur.com/hR4Ou9M.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/Bn7SJJB.png (Something I made for fun and i'll use it as background for now, not too proud of this one I might still edit this) If you want to use any of this stuff I would appreciate it if you send me a PM and i'll reply as quickly as possible! Feel free to leave your thoughts below

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