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Found 12 results

  1. Menchrese

    Map Editor [Activation Guide]

    Map Editor [Activation Guide] If you ever wanted to use the BattleForge Map Editor and make some of your own cool maps or just to play around with it while Battleforge is off, well here's how: To be able to instal the map editor you will need a program that will extract zip files. WinRAR or z7 free software are 2 examples of free programs capable of doing that. Step 1: Download the MapEditor zip file and extract the files. If you were wondering about viruses: Scan results. Step 2: Open the "Map Editor" folder and place the "Battleforge" folder inside your documents (Computer>Documents). The other files will be placed somewhere else later in this guide (Step 4). Step 3: Go to Computer>Local Disk (C:) and check if you have a folder called "Battleforge" in there. If you don't, make one. Step 4: If you downloaded Battleforge without the map editor or just created a new folder, then you must place all the remaining files from "Map Editor" in the "Battleforge" folder in your Local Disk (C:). Replace any existing files with the new ones from the "Map Editor" folder. Step 5: Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/o4ov83foag0s1tj/bf-base-pak-1st_300-files.rar?dl=0 and https://www.dropbox.com/s/kf65cp9mzvo3dgb/bf-base-pak-rest-of-files.rar?dl=0. Make a folder (if you didn't have one) called "base". In the "base" folder make another folder called "pak". Extract everything from these 2 links in the "pak" folder. Or all in one link : BattleForge from sylar. Step 6: If you already had Battleforge in your Local Disk (C:) this step is most likely not needed for you. Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/j9tnfubsviog2ux/BattleForge-all-but-base-folder.rar?dl=0 and extract everything into your "Battleforge" folder located in your Local Disk (C:). This should be it. To open the Map Editor you must go to Computer>Local Disk(C:)>Battleforge and click on "pluginbasededitor". I also made a short video showing you were to place the files from the "Map Editor" folder. This is it MapEditor. I also made some simple instructions in Notepad: Instructions.txt . Note: Important to mention that you must have a Battleforge folder in your Local Disk (C:) (not the one in Documents) which must contain a folder called "base" with a folder called "pak" with the pak in it (Step 5). Without the pak the editor can't function because that's where it loads its resources and assets from. You must have a folder called "Battleforge" in your Documents as well as in your Local Disk (C:). Common issue: The map editor will most likely not work as a stand alone so you have to download the full Battleforge folder, with the base/pak folders and every thing else unpacked properly for it to work, so put all the files, excluding the folder "Battleforge" from the "Map Editor" folder in the Battleforge main folder in your Local Disk (C:) and then try it. Thanks Sylar for providing me with the "pak" files and the main Battleforge folder from your post: How to. Feel free to ask me any questions or issues you might have while attempting my guide. Thanks to Ladadoos for simplifying the guide.
  2. Saim25

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    Hello everyone, here you can download my new Map HIGHGROUND. Its a fast and intense 1on1 Map, inspired by one of my favourite Maps "Haladur". Orbs: 6 (Maybe Ill add one more) Wells: 16 1. DOWNLOAD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzlscd35ic4wler/Highground new version.pak?dl=0 2. Put the PAK file in Documents/Battleforge/"Map" (if there is no Map folder, create one)
  3. N0SKYO

    Map Editor

    Hello Skylords and Skyqueens also Skythings I just thought about the old map editor that Battleforge had. Is there gonna be a new map editor so we can play our own custom maps? I really had fun with that a few years ago. Also is it possible to make like a survival mode? Cheers MontyPython
  4. I have no idea how to create a map and how to test it and whatever. If anyone know how it work, I want to know how it work. Thanks to everyone who share his knowledge and his time to write here.
  5. Saim25

    All Spectator Maps

    Hi Guys, here are alle the 1n1 PVP spectator maps. I really hope we can enjoy them in the future with some livestreams! http://www.file-upload.net/download-11947767/Spectatormaps.zip.html
  6. Dallarian

    More factions!

    Dear Devs/Mods/Admins/ You can't stop that you started! There are more and more ideas for new factions to BF like air elementals, frost/fire, sanders and many more. Community probably won't stop image more races, spells, units, ideas. Why we shouldn't give them a chance for live? I know you are busy, working/studing, and also have BFR to finish. But when the game will be ready you could do something that exist in Starcraft 2. BF Map Editor probably don't contain this options, but in SC2's you can use your own graphic models, create own skills, new units and use custom music/sounds. Starcraft 2 also have arcade room where everyone can public his own map, and community can play it. Becouse of this option, community created big games, like new RPG with over 20-30 hours of story, pvp, guilds, raids and things like that (RPG in RTS!). Power of community is great and OP. Could you give to Battleforge editor ( when the game will be ready ) option to use custom textures, sounds and more, and also create something for custom maps? It could give way to make ideas real, and maybe in future BFR will get a new expansion? If agree, you could create new section for BFR ideas where ppl could improve ideas, and then create a new faction to game. What you think about that? Sorry for bad english, thanks if you have read that to the end.
  7. Zeus

    New Maps and Stories

    And if we had new map as well as the original stories whit other type of maps for example: (Twilight) (Frost) (Fire) (Shadow) etc.. where you can earn cards !?
  8. Taker

    Map Veto PVP

    Hey, What do you guys think about Map Vetos for PVP? I mean like they are in SC2 for example. You can Veto maybe up to 3 maps you dont want to play in ladder. For example Wazai (dont know if i spelled right) could be vetoed cause its fire favoured (you can cliffdancer over nearly every cliff). So there would be a more balanced match up if you chose the vetos right. On tournaments I think there should be an extra map voting but for ladder i guess this would help against cliff abusing or something like that. What do you guys think about that?
  9. Ashen_Cyborg

    Favorite PvP Map

    For me, it was Fyre. Always played this in unranked. The fight for securing the center orbs while your ally is sneaking off to get some more, it was an epic map.
  10. Eirias

    1v1 PvP Map Discussion (by Faction)

    I'm not sure if I want to write a separate guide, or add it as an appendix to my Deckbuilding guide, or just leave this thread as the guide itself. BUT, I think it would be very helpful for new players to understand how the map affects the game. This would be good for helping them choose picks/bans in a tournament setting (where you can choose maps), but also in random matchups to help players understand which aspects of which map they should use to their advantage, or be aware that their opponent will use. So let's start a discussion on maps! For the sake of argument let's consider these maps: http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Category:1v1_Maps Elyon, Haladur, Lajesh, Simai, Uro, Wazhai, Yrmia, Random Generated. Write whatever you feel is helpful, but I'd like to get as much structure as possible (it will make it easier to convert this into a guide). The structure I propose is: 1. Choose a faction. 2. For all 9 other factions, list ALL the stages in ban order (for your chosen faction, list the stages in the order that you would least like to play against the other faction) 3. For all 9 factions, list ALL the stages in the order you would choose them (so you would choose an earlier map over a later map if neither was banned by your opponent). 4. For mirror matches, explain a little bit about deck differences and how that might affect your choice of map. I'm really not an expert at maps (never played in tournaments, so I never considered which maps I would choose against another faction), so take the following with a grain of salt. I'm mostly putting this out as just an example of the format. The following will be from the perspective of Fire-Nature. BANS Pure fire: Generated, Yrmia, Wazhai, Uro, Elyon, Simai, Haldur, Lajesh. Fire-Shadow: Yrmia, Elyon, Generated, Lajesh, Wazhai, Uro, Simai, Haladur Fire-Frost: Generated, Simai, Yrmia, Elyon, Haldur, Wazhai, Uro, Lajesh Pure Shadow: Elyon, Yrmia, Generated, Haladur, Simai, Lajesh, Uro, Wazhai Shadow Frost: Generated, Lajesh, Simai, Yrmia, Elyon, Uro, Haladur, Wazhai Shadow Nature: Haladur, Yrmia, Simai, Elyon, Wazhai, Generated, Uro, Lajesh Pure Frost: Yrmia, Wazhai, Generated, Elyon, Haladur, Uro, Simai, Lajesh Frost Nature: Haladur, Yrmia, Elyon, Simai, Lajesh, Wazhai, Uro, Generated Pure Nature: Uro, Simai, Generated, Haladur, Lajesh, Elyon, Yrmia, Wazhai CHOICES The opposite, except I would probably never choose Generated. MIRROR When my deck was distinctive (I'm not counting this for the rest of the matchups, because I'm evaluating them as a normal deck), I used VB and fire stalker instead of burrowers. I also took a lighter t1. This meant that I preferred not to have a center fight, but I did like having my enemy centered in once place because my deck was better at focused attacks than spread ones. I did better at maps with centers such as Elyon, Yrmia, and Simai, where I could well up on the sides and attack in a hypermodern style. Let me just tag @xHighTech @Hirooo @Aragorn @tbpeti @Taker @darklionking @ImperatorSK @LagOps @Anonymos @thesikaleon @matmicback @Obesity @Morathyls @MaranV because y'all are good and I want you to notice this
  11. Frayze

    12 player map struggle

    Hey guys, My name is Frayze and i was never a forum-guy... So i hope you aren't bothered, that i don't know how to set this up in a proper forum-way. However i'm pretty excited about this project and just wanted to talk/ask about some things, that were a big problem in the original game. The 12 player maps. They were great designed and made a whole lot of fun to play them, IF (and that was the problem) you've found enough players to start them. I remember waiting for 2 hours with 6 friends for other players to join, only to play the map on normal mode and never even started a game on advanced or higher. So i was wondering if there are any suggestions on solving this problem, because there will be even less players and it'll become even more unlikely to actual play one of these pretty great maps. My suggestion was to set up a "12-player-map-day" or sth. like that with the community. Please share your ideas with me
  12. kommoon


    hello skylords, i have a suggestion for a patch after the game has launched, maybe you could create a different screen for people with an eyefinity setup. for example on the right screen you see your deck on the middle screen the place where you are and on the right an map so you know whats happening and where you are greetingz kommoon

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