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Found 8 results

  1. "Skylords, it's here! I can feel the source coming from that fortress!" After many tests and trails, my very first 4PvE map is finally here. I present to you: Fortress of Tears A 4PvE community map and the end of the Lost Souls home world arc for Rogan Kayle by me, ZeroPC. After traversing the city and breaking out of the prison, you finally arrive at the Fortress. So this is where they reside... Rogan needs your help one last time to find the key to eliminating the Twilight from his home world once and for all. He believes it resides in this might Fortress you stand before. Work
  2. Error message: WillHcX#6352 (original reporter): We were destroying fire camps to let rogan kayle go to Jorne / Brannoc. It crashed after viridya said : "Now you shall pay" before she dies and then it crashed if i remember well We did not block Rogan on his way
  3. Ppl reported on Discord to have experienced a delay of about 15 seconds when starting the map "Convoy" on Standard difficulty. While on other difficulty the power wells and monument is active right away, on standard it seems to take a while until the player takes control. I'll so some further investigations and post the results here.
  4. Map Editor [Activation Guide] If you ever wanted to use the BattleForge Map Editor and make some of your own cool maps or just to play around with it while Battleforge is off, well here's how: To be able to instal the map editor you will need a program that will extract zip files. WinRAR or z7 free software are 2 examples of free programs capable of doing that. Step 1: Download the MapEditor zip file and extract the files. If you were wondering about viruses: Scan results. Step 2: Open the "Map Editor" folder and place the "Battleforge" folder inside your documents (Compute
  5. DESCRIPTION: Rogan Kayle (aka. Maddie in the scripts) gets stuck at Scriptmarker Target "TargetMaddie". REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens when Gate 7 & 8 are activated prematurely (before - I think - either the last spawn building is destroyed or Gate 2 and 4 were activated). SCREENSHOTS: Struck Rogan: Gate 7 & 8: REPLAY: 20200926_001416_11304_PvE_04p_Titans.pmv ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not the cleanest of fixes, but the best I came up with is bf1>map>pve>11304_pve_04p_titans>script1>gates.lua>line:104 replace OnOneTimeEvent with
  6. Saim25

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    Hello everyone, here you can download my new Map HIGHGROUND. Its a fast and intense 1on1 Map, inspired by one of my favourite Maps "Haladur". Orbs: 6 (Maybe Ill add one more) Wells: 16 1. DOWNLOAD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzlscd35ic4wler/Highground new version.pak?dl=0 2. Put the PAK file in Documents/Battleforge/"Map" (if there is no Map folder, create one)
  7. NAME: Creating game crashes client SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forge\World map\Scenario: Setup screen (any map) REPRODUCIBILITY: 3/6 (quiet random due to strange combination of actions) DESCRIPTION: After a finished match with a group as group member creation of game/lobby/match crashes game (client side) straight to the desktop with following error -> [scrn shot] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: supposed steps to reproduce it: >start a 2 or 4 player match (with group only) >finish it >leave a group if you are a group member, OR if kick a group member(s)/let
  8. NAME: Community Maps are not ingame. SEVERITY: 3 REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: I cant test my created map ingame. It just doesnt appear. I did it as always-> put map file + map folder in documents/Battleforge/"Map". The settings of the map are correct. With all the other maps like all spectatormaps in my folder its the same issue. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtdh1sikmjrikys/bug.png?dl=0 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I´d love to test new maps because I think the community will be very important for battleforge in the future, especially new bala
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