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  1. Yeah ofc ! Hahahaha Oh okay so Pure Shadow is kinda op? Kind Regards, Shalltear
  2. Wow thank you for this nice words ! And you seem that you knew alot of this Game. I don't think that you are an "idiot". But i guess that some Map's are just quite strong? Kind Regards, Shalltear
  3. Hello Metagross31 Thank you for the reply ! Yeah i want to be a PvP Player, so you think this Game isn't that hard to understand? Kind Regards, Shalltear
  4. Heya Guys, I want to ask if it is possible that a completly new player to Skylords/Battle Forge will master this game? I know , that if you put a lot of time into it that you will master it but is this game hard to understand? Hope i will get reply's and wish you all a good day!
  5. Hello Guys, My Name is Shalltear and i'm completly new to this Game. I'm from Germany or on the original "The Great Tomb of Nazarick". I just want to meet new Player's in this Game and i hope i will ! Wish you all a good day and let's rock this Server !
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