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  1. I went to log in today and I got past updates, got to log in screen and screen went black. my monitor said nothing to display and turned off. If I hit my windows key the screen comes back on. I can see the log in page if I hover over it in task bar. I've never had this issue before. i have also tried to re install the game 2 times now with the same issue..
  2. i was on lat ight got in one game an i can start game i dc in lobby now geting there
  3. same here i got into a intro game an my laptop died or shut off idk an now i cant get in a game i got 6 min twards my boster
  4. lol been at it since 4 am still not on game i dc at forge every time i did get in
  5. OK so this game was and still will be amazing. Im EXCITED to see it grow an have a lot of players the most of all !!
  6. yep im reading that its full if you get in the load time is short
  7. same i have been waiting so long to play this game ihave been tring to get it to wrk for 6 hours now got to forge to dc ;(
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