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  1. Theo1143

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    Wierd because I really got them as said above... Also did I get 7 new quests at the beginning of the new year, did all me quests at 31-12-2019 and somewhere in the middle of the night I got all new 7. (exactly the same as I did the day before) While the timer said about 6 - 10 hours left until new quests... Beside doing me daily quests there is nothing for me to progress in so no idea why you would think I would lie about it. It is not hard to do 5 games to complete most quests... (open a bunch of chests play some games, and while some even count together it makes it even easier)
  2. Theo1143

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    Well, from playing maybe?!? Except today, today it is a f*cking 150 in total only... *sigh* 1. 75x2 = 150 2. 50x2 = 100 1+2=250 Actually every day for the last week except today. Even got 5 quests the other day where from 4 already gave 75 each. I've always liked the game but hated the design philosophy because it just doesn't work. Giving people a cap on progress only makes people stop playing completely. Now did it work better from a free to play point of view just forcing people in buying decks if they wanna progress, but still. You know someone enjoys what he is doing... So you gonna tell he has to stop right now and he may return to play, tomorrow? Exactly the point.
  3. Theo1143

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    This is the problem almost all multiplayer games walk into. That is why they go for the easy solution of just having as it is now 250 BFP per day. While now most can get the daily BFP but again only the casual gets the better part. The people who can't play daily can only get 1/3 if they lucky and people playing all day are rather bored quickly because of no progress afterwards. It is also double because if you allow those lets say no lifers for the sake of argument to progress at their own phase they will have everything within a couple of days. (talking out of own expierence, haha) So then again they are bored but then because of another wrong reason, having achieved already everything that there is to achieve. In my opinion is it good how it is now, but... You could add upon that but remember, to much is much worse than to less in a situation like this. You can always increase it, you can't decrease it later. So like keep it how it is now with the 250 BFP per day but give people a couple of BFP for longer... (*just throwing out numbers* like 20BFP for every hour played afterwards, or even less)
  4. Why did no one email me about this?!?
  5. Theo1143

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    : When is this releasing on steam?!?

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