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  1. Hey guys! I've been playing the game back in 09 when it came out and I also have to say that I immensely enjoyed the nature of PvP back then. Of course, there was some kind of meta but not nearly as minmaxed as it was today (or maybe I was just too stupid to use the internet right), but a huge part of the fun for me was playing with and against non-optimised, non maxed decks. If you deck level wasn't maximised anyway, then exchanging a card for a new one wasn't as big of a deal, and for me it encourages experimentation, variety and with it fun. Drawing that card from a booster that you ha
  2. Well, I think it does carry over, at least I had that happen to me once. I'm not sure that was because it was within 10 hours or so, but at least it was across 2 days
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