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  1. Hey guys! I've been playing the game back in 09 when it came out and I also have to say that I immensely enjoyed the nature of PvP back then. Of course, there was some kind of meta but not nearly as minmaxed as it was today (or maybe I was just too stupid to use the internet right), but a huge part of the fun for me was playing with and against non-optimised, non maxed decks. If you deck level wasn't maximised anyway, then exchanging a card for a new one wasn't as big of a deal, and for me it encourages experimentation, variety and with it fun. Drawing that card from a booster that you had been looking for for so long, or getting a good offer from the marketplace and finally playing that harvester.... Now, with the free decks, there is no use in trying your own low level deck, because you're gonna get stomped. I absolutely love the feeling of progression from starting with that two free decks you get when you first start the game, playing against other players who also only have shit cards and beating the crap out of each other with shitty non-synergetic cards to finally getting that cool combo. It also kind of lets you gage the other players skill level in the sparring grounds and give you a much much much higher learning experience to draw a new card you've never seem, trying it out, judging the usability without reading tier lists and stuff like that. Now to my conclusion/proposal: How about offering two separate PvP queues, similar to sparring and duelling grounds for PvP? The premade deck queue can serve for those who don't want the hustle and grind, or who just want to play a quick match with a maxed deck, and the regular queue can just serve for the same old PvP experience that we cobblers and tinkerers want. Both queues can add to the same elo pool in my opinion, as a new player with a good deck will still be a new player. If one of the queues is empty, you can still switch to the other to advance in elo, as probably everyone is building their own decks on the side anyway. I for once would love to have a struggle to the top with shitty unoptimised decks in which I come up with my own shitty synergies that probably won't work, but that's gonna be on me, and I'm gonna be punished for that by my rating, and if I want to try working combos and get ideas about what to put into my own decks, I'll just jump in the lvl 120 queue and have a go at that.
  2. Well, I think it does carry over, at least I had that happen to me once. I'm not sure that was because it was within 10 hours or so, but at least it was across 2 days
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