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  1. Loriens liked a post in a topic by Rivazar in Communitymaps-update May 2020   
    Where is actually "here"?
  2. Rivazar liked a post in a topic by Ponni in Monetization system   
    If you play 30 mins a day you will receive a booster. A lot of people sell this booster for 420 BFPs (generally the price I see in the chat in game). In a week this is 2940 BFPs and if you do all quests everyday for that week it will give you another 1050 BFPs. I would say that those almost 4000 BFPs would buy you a very decent deck. So, a week...
    // Ponni
  3. Rivazar liked a post in a topic by DarcReaver in Monetization system   
    read the FAQ

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