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  1. I know this may sound pretty "grim" but have you ever wondered what happens with your consciousness or, soul when you die?

    I image it pretty simple. When you die you die. Your consciousness or soul is destroyed.

    But Im just a broken person I would like to know what do you think?

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    2. Dzodin


      Thank you for your thought.

      I would like to talk about my problems but I dont have anyone to trust so If you would survive talking about my problems then I will pm you.

    3. Sykole


      You cannot believe in the word "Soul" or "Spirit" without being religious, or having a belief of somekind of religious theory; therefor you are the one to answer that question.

      None have kind of evidence of what death is, but some do in term of what their religion says. Want my kind of theory for it? what/whoever created this world and us with such a routine, must of surely had a reason for our existence, and it won't just end with death. I can talk about this for more, but since I wouldn't want to mess with the way you think, I'll leave it here for you to comprehend in your own style, because your mind is your best friend and the one you can follow, IF you master it. (And I am sure down if you want to talk more :))

    4. olekkrol


      Every religion have its own vision of life after death. It helps you become better in actual life. For non-religious people your actual life depends of what you have learned from your parents. And after death I belive that there's nothing, or if religion works, I will burn in hell for my life

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