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  1. boohaa

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Yes your very right I do miss my old promos and am eager to start collecting again:) We did all get a brannoc for playing BF before a certain date right? I wasn't expecting a promo Jugger, something small like a Santa. Maybe it could be redeemed a month or two after release when players have their decks established. My first thoughts when I found about BFR were of my old cards and how I could get them back, I lost a list of promos and ultras, as im sure we all did when BF closed. I greatly appreciate what the team here is trying to accomplish and I understand that the only way to get my decks back will be through months of hard work. Please forgive this old dog for chasing a bone.
  2. boohaa

    Introduce Yourself!

    G'day! Boohaa from down-under here. I remember when I started with a nature deck, saved for a shaman then played the market for a deepcoil worm... such good times! There is soo much I miss about this game, and soo much to look forward to with the release of BattleForge Reborn! Cant wait to play with you all again!
  3. boohaa

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Will the forum members who are so patiently waiting for the release of BFR Be awarded a promo? It would be nice to get a little something.

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