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  1. I understand. However, perhaps it could only work if you first cast a coloured creature, though these may be too many steps. Maybe Neutrals should keep being T2 and higher. I would still love to see some mercenary units that all sides can use, that would have their own flavour. In any regard, if new content was to be added, it would perhaps be wiser to flesh out the Amii faction, and then a Fire/Frost faction.
  2. Neutrals do not work if you start with more than one Monument? That is strange. I am assuming that, if I have Vyridya (for example), and I start the game with 2 Monuments, both Mons will be the colour of the first card I cast, and then I ill be able to cast Vyridya. Is that not so? If it is, the same could go towards an hypothetical T1 Neutral card. First you must cast a coloured card, and then you can cast the Neutal.
  3. No need to select Orb colour with 1 T1 Neutral, but you will still need T1 of other colours to compliment it.
  4. I could see an argument for a Neutral Squad at T1, but not for Hybrids.
  5. True, but then you have to consider that they also need to save some designs for the Nature/Shadow and Fire/Frost combos.
  6. Meh, I would prefer them to add new creatures and structures, that are not just reskins of base-colour units.
  7. T1: Replace Mine with Eruption, and Fire with Makeshift Tower. T2: A bit overbloated. Skyfire Drake + Firedancer + Rallying Banner would be enough. T3: Amii Monument could be replaced by any damage spell. T4: is very good.
  8. I think there is definetively a good case for it, even if it is a bit unbalanced (as long as not egregiously so). Nomad + Eruption is already a valid PvP opener, so anything else to follow suit on a "spells matter" deck, with few creatures but a lot of damage and control spells, can only make it better.
  9. I think this is the best idea for this colour combo, and it certainly feels like MTG's Blue-Red, which is mostly about Sorceries or Instants. This could only be goo for the game, specially if it has an "Elemental" heavy theme.
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