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  1. Amazing. Great job again These updates always makes my day.
  2. Hey. Its been about 12 month since i started playing Skylords Reborn, and ive had a blast playing it everyday. One of the things that has always been a big deal for me, has been the Promo cards. but when i started out as a new player, they just seemed out of reach, because of the exspensive price tag. Looking back there is alot of things i could have done better and more efficiently. But if i could give myself some advice back then it would be this. Consider selling Boosters. "I know i know. everybody else is getting Promos in the chat left and right." - Its fake propaganda. "But, but Demon, if i sell a Booster theres 99% chance of being a top dollar card in it" - Naa its a Mountain Rowdy everytime. But lets say that the chance for a promo in a booster is around 0.5% So thats 200 Boosters opened Pr. promo The value range for the Promos vary alot 1200 BFP up to 22000 BFP Ive now opened 330 Boosters total, and gotten 1 Promo Viridya worth roughly 12000 BFP So lets say i sold 50% of the boosters 165x420 = 69300 BFP 69300 BFP thats nearly enough to buy all Promo cards below. or 40 copies of Infect. Its commen knowledge. that Promos are stronger than the original version, because it looks cooler.
  3. Cool stuff!! 🎃 That new Walker card, walked right into my heart Great walk
  4. Hey I want to show a deck of mine, the deck is stronger than it looks, It has a ton of dmg, and just melts bosses, i have played all the S tier decks, and this is my most fun deck. lets go over how it works, and how to approch each tier. Tier 1 S: 6 Forsaken + Soul Splicer G + Motivate - Remebmer to build Embalmers shrine early, so you dont have to wait for the 60sec CD later Tier 2 SS: 2-3 Shadow Phoenix + Rescource boosters (you might have to wait with the Resource Boosters depending on how much in a rush your lane mate is in) Tier 3 SSN: You should have some Forsaken and Shadow Phoenix left, support them with Frenetic Assult and Infect. Use Cultist master with Furnace of Flesh for void Return. Tier 4 SSNN : Enlightenment into Forest Elder as your first unit. Now you are ready to start clearing, spawn Necrofurys and Voidmaws. The complete army looks like this: 1x Forest Elder 4x Necrofury 12x Void Maw Spawning the complete army wont take long, since the units are cheap, and Forest Elder cuts 30% of the cost. So what makes this deck any good ? The magic happens with Green Peace, you attack move the camp, cast Green Peace on the camp, and the camp will no longer fight back. So you can basicly stand outside the Green Peace ring, and just Nuke the camp nice and easy. Normally i dont attack with Forest elder i just keep him close to the group, so all units get +25% increased damage. If you are clearing with a teammate, he/she will watch with excitement, while enjoying inner peace. If theres a Boss in the Camp, you can kill him fast, while the whole camp just watches without fighting back. Boss Melting Easy mode: Forest Elder + 25% dmg Void Maw + 30% dmg taken to target Long range units, wont get effected by the bosses abilitys like Silence/Freeze/Burn Utility and damage spells: The deck has spells for all situations. Green Peace and Nether Warp are fun spells, that can give your teammates the helping hand, they didnt even know they needed 😇 (💩) DemonRJ
  5. Amazing work 😁 I just Eyed yet another piece of pure perfection, cant wait to lay Eyes on it ingame. To the Skylords Reborn Team. You guys really have your Eyes on the target, since you hit it all the time.
  6. Here are the 2 decks i use for rPVE. I think both of them are as strong as it gets. First deck is a Batariel deck, with Nature start. Second deck is the Bandit Banzai lord
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