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  1. I totally agree with @ItsChon And also slowing down the reward by playing, is also bad. Yeah some people will go faster. And what, they play. If you can't play, you will not go as fast as them. it's simple as that. And slowing down reward also rekt the NPE (New player experience), because the new player, he wasn't here day one... You don't know how how much gold will be rewarded per games, and how much you will need to pay to do stuff.
  2. Some game, don't slow down. But block you from gaining anymore reward. I was referencing to these game.
  3. They are stronger for sure, that why you want to play them. But they are not better. Every card have a usage. And everything you does to get to the point of summoning the card, is a cost.
  4. Why more orbs doesn't define better card ? Because you still pay for his power. And you pay it in a multiple way, having the right amount of orbs, making the deck less good in early game and of course the price to summon it. It's kind of hard to explain that, but if you played heartsthone. You should know that, 1 cost card can be better then 10 cost card. (Where cost is Orb in the comparaison) Rarity should affect only his principal purpose. Hard to get. And being hard to get is prob being high priced on AH or just being hard to get on pack. But at the end, they are just card.
  5. Lets say, bfp is removed. And a player find a ultra rare card for 100 gold, and 100 gold is like 1 hours of playing lets say. That just a mistake of the guys selling the card. You can't block someone selling a ultra rare card at a bad price. And remember most player sell their card on "Gold/hr, Rarity, Power", so if you can gain 50gold per hour for a decent player. A good card will probably be around 700 gold. And if you can get more then that, let's say 150 gold. The card will be around 4000. (Number are example, i didn't do any math. It's just to get the point) And upgr
  6. The two currency wasn't made for this. It was just to seperate real money from virtual money. Neglecting Upgrading is something the player need to learn by himself. Upgrading Shitty Card is a opinions, some player can find card great or bad. Again that based on the player knowledge of the game. And the knowledge is gained through playing the game and winning. Same for gold. (Also the freedom of making mistake, can reinforce community) I can go a bit deeper on this subject. Talking as a Game Developper
  7. Or you can make it ratehr easy and have one currency. Gold. Delete BFP. And use gold for everything, since the game is 100% free, i don't see a point to have two type of currency. Easier to balance imo
  8. Yeah i mean we can get behind the selector thingy, for every dropdown if we really want too. Aha
  9. Not a dropdown, but rather a select thingy. So i can search for 2 and 3 orbs at the same time. Like in the game.
  10. Objectively a better card view list. Great Job
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