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  1. As example invest more of the Cards in booster. Why giving them a card to sell instead of a booster? Like u are getting Frost-Mage but yours is already full. Would u realy be happy about that? Or you get a Thunderwagon(R) but don't touch fire, I definitly would prefer a Booster because of Gambling or sell booster. Also that would make it easier for price Pool like 1-3 getting special prices, 4-10 nearly same amount of boosters and maybe something special and 11-20 the same+all the others the same like a price that everyone gets that take part. With unsold cards u can make Give Aways during stream also with boosters or BFP leftovers. Because if u calculate the Values of the Cards u will definitly see there would had been enough BFP. Also the selling isn't that hard. +When u start the Stream of the event u anyway know how much players took part in the event and also u can say ok there wasn't so much players in the Event so we increase the price pool and start Stream Surveys with solutions how to increase it. So later on the peoples decide what happens not a Streamer.
  2. By the way if It should be more attractive to beginners u should adapt the price pools. As example High placed should get lesser reward because anyway get that High value Promo. Like 3 Boosters would be fine. Split the booster so that it would slighty Increase for Top ranking in BFP value gain. So that the lower ranks also get more rewards. I play a lot with a community and also a lot of new players. The Bad Harvest event was a good example, how Prices Could have worked. It was fun even for the newer players, because they said we want to get at least 3k points or Hey help me get 7k points for more booster. I think if everyone gets Booster, a lot of more players would do it. An example: Place Reward 1 Construct (Promo)+2booster 2 Rogan Kayle (Promo)+2booster ..... everyone that take part will get A Booster, just for sending in replay. That Booster doesn't count into Price pool what means as example place 1 to 3 get 3booster. All below rank 11 get one of the Random card. If there isn't enough players for the Price Pool with the Random cards they get randomly chosen. So the beginners would say ok I will do it just for the booster and the Random cards. A lot of players will see ok it is doable and i can optimise it a bit. So a lot of more players would take part of it and enjoy the event to be better or at least better than their low level friends. Like a small competition between the newer player.
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