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  1. That is actually really well made !
  2. File was too big to upload so im gonna just link it https://imgur.com/a/iW5OUsv
  3. overlordhun

    2-Mail bug

    Hey guys i got both problems too tried to mail cards with multiple people and we didnt get it. Also the bfp dissapearing problem once i tried to relog i went from like 201 or 202 to 0. Also if i try to start a game at the loading screen it freezes and gives an error that client disconnected or something at throws me on the log in screen.
  4. HYPE! Question to the dev team: How do guys make the bfp so it free? I mean if you guys give us too much we will have everycard in no time and it wont be any fun with the trading and marketing stuff. And some suggestions from the community would be cool too.
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