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  1. If Asraiel shows his tits, every computer on this planet will explode at once and cause a seismic quake that cracks the earth in half and spews frozen molten lava balls all over space that rip multiple wholes in time, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. So please, forum, don’t ask Asraiel to expose himself. Please. Do it for the kiddies. They love dinosaurs. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  2. Hello "Ladadoos" i am 48 year man from somalia. Sorry for my bed england. I selled my half of my Frost deck for internet connection for play "Battle of Forge" and i want to become the goodest player like you, After weeks of playing i finally defeated the first boss of twillight (in text version thouh). pls no copy pasterino my story.
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