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    I'm going to give each affinity a seperate rating.
    The green affinity is rather bad and paralyze is rather uncommon , in pvp fathom lord and creeping paralysis are the common of form paralysis but including both fathom lord and stone warrior in a deck is rather inefficient due both of them fullfilling essentially the same role. Whereas fathom lord has a cheap single-target paralyse for 15 seconds, stonekin warrior has a rather expensive direct damage ability which is mediocore but it's aoe so yay?(ah wait it's up to 1392 , bleh). Well atleast it's not helpless against air units on its own.
    5/10 dissapointing compared to alternatives but still solid regardless due to stats and the abiliy to fight back against air
    The blue affinity on the otherhand is great because this card's ability can one-shot many other cards ,a fully upgraded stone warrior ability deals  2600 damage! Enough to one-shot every other T3 large unit and severely cripple the XL or even one shot in few cases. However paying 100 + for whatever you used to freeze the unit is a hefty cost just to get rid of one unit but the option is there and it's amazing for what it does.
    8,5/10 Would one-shot deepcoil worms again.
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