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  1. Ok, while I disagree with JarJarBinks aswell, could everyone just stop denounceing him? I don´t care if he was just a troll, drunk, or very young, I still think that denounceing anyone, even JarJarBinks is wrong. But running around denounceing him isn´t gonna make it better.

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    2. Shotty


      Dyo, if I really wanted to farm rep, I´d do differnt things. I just pointed out what has been bothering me for a while now. I stated it often enough that I care neither about the opinion of others about me, neither do I care about my rep. If you really think I am rep farming, that´d be an infliction of the Forum rules feel free to report this post if you think I am trying to farm rep. But considering the fact that MrXLink gave me rep for this, it seems like he agrees with me.

      I´m mereley pointing out the fact that denounceing a person ain´t gonna change anything

      FYI When I posted this, I was prepared to get alot of negative rep.

    3. BionicReaper


      First he was obviously joking.... Second I can't find any recent post of anyone denouncing him.

    4. Shotty


      @BionicReaper I´ll pm you one. Pointing it out right here, would be denounceing that person.

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