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  1. Sorry to answer that late. The invoice ID for the 20$ donation is 1UL74494V6809274E Date: 07/05/2017
  2. Donated 20$ just now, please list DarmkyM
  3. The season of watermelon is starting in the caribbean :D

    1. Deadman


      This is good information to know. :)

  4. 1107 I don't see the point of this topic. I will not be able to distinguish quickly active forum members from others because the post counts is wrong thanks to this topic...
  5. Hi, I think we need a definition for the Void. I give a try but feel free to say it more clearly. Void : "Mana pool gathered by when a player's unit dies / building is destroyed / or a spell is played. 90% of the mana cost goes into the Void. Then the player receive it back slowly through time. Note : Mana Wells (mana factories) or Monuments (orb construction) destroyed do not stack in the Void. In other words, only played cards generate Void.
  6. Hi all, I would like to register too for 1vs1 and 2vs2, I was playing at high level PvP 5 years ago : P Thanks bobfrog for the organization!
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