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  1. Lookimg for a future pvp player for 2v2's ^^


    1. Ultrakool


      what was/will be your preferred deck? Can you tell me something about play style? We'll try it out when the game starts thats for sure ! Just if you can give me some info. I played fire nature before. Right now I'm thinking about getting into nature-frost Play style depends, but i try to outpower them by making efficient trades, cc, not t2 rush. rather well than an orb.

    2. shadowxxs77


      I played pure fire and usually played with my friend 2v2 pure frost and pure fire combo (wildfire+coldsnap etc...) anyway im think about playing lost soul but im gonna let rng jesus decide and play the element of the first card I get in my first bootster pack :D


      Owh and I always tried to get t3 since it was more fun then tryhard rushing


    3. Ultrakool


      Do you have Skype?

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