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Darian DelFord

Alpha & Beta Tester
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  1. Just watched your awesome videos on Youtube. It  so good to see pure Nature PvP replays with so decent commentaries!

    1. Darian DelFord

      Darian DelFord

      Thank you Thank you.....

      Soon as I get my feet about me I will be doing some more.  Been out of the game due to school and its time to get back into BF :O)

  2. Just came back from Star Wars The Force Awakens, was epic!

    1. Darian DelFord

      Darian DelFord

      Ohhh don't count the books out yet!!!!


      Its not like JJ not to hide things right in front of our faces

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  3. Tirelessly working on trailers!

    1. Darian DelFord

      Darian DelFord

      Still Trudging away at this thing.  For Future Reference, Do not produce the thing when you are playing another game.  It apparently corrupts file............................. permanently :O(

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  4. Yep, fire stalkers are for sure working in BFR ! :bf: :hype: 




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