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  1. It seems the link is broken
  2. lost thing5

    Starter Deck

    Previous starting cards were more unit focused. The new decks have a more balanced approach, and require you to use a combination of buildings, units and spells. I think the new decks have a higher learning curve, but are indeed much more strategically flexible than the old ones plus the new decks allow you to remake the 1st tier. The higher complexity is not an issue I think, because it still allows you to just make units and push to victory by supporting them with spells while allowing some room for experimentation. I would probably modify some of the cards in order to give some extra fire power to the fire/shadow deck in T3, where it is lacking. Ironically enough frost/nature T3 is a lot more capable of mounting a good offense than the fire/shadow. Swapping bandit waystation or necroblaster with a sun reaver should give it a bit more DPS. Additionally I would swap Oink with Stone Tempest, Stone Shards with Defenders and Bandit Spearmen with Nightcrawler. This way every colour besides lost souls will have a T2 unit and will allow for building a deck with any other colour combination.
  3. lost thing5

    Deck card auto-sorting

    Let me add on another reason in addition to MephistoRoss why I believe it is. If sorting templates were indeed implemented, people will try them out and some of them will appeal to the audience. Given an option to either build your deck then move cards around while thinking about how the hell they should be ordered or press a button and it will be ordered in a logical fashion, people will choose the latter just because it is no work whatsoever. This would also benefit less experienced players who have no established tactics with regards to card order in the deck. My guess 3-4 would be plenty. Some ideas that need to be refined: 1. Order by orbs, then by card type (unit, building, spell), then by ascending power costs. [1 orb units] [1 orb buildings] [1 orb spells] [2 orb units] ... Repeat to [4 orb spells]. Inside each bracket cards are arranged based on increasing power costs. - Very useful for inexperienced players, because each new orb unlocks cards from left to right keeping it simple to track the cards. 2. Order by card type (spell, unit, building), then by ascending power costs. [lowest power cost spells-> highest power cost spells] [cheapest units -> most expensive units] [least expensive buildings -> most expensive buildings] - Separates out the card types and unlocks them based on how much power you have. New orbs would just fill in the gaps inside each card type. 3. Order by card type (spell, unit, building), then by orbs, then by ascending power costs. [T1 spells -> T2 -> T3 -> T4 spells] [T1 units -> T4 units] [T1 buildings -> T4 buildings]. Furthermore, each tier is sorted by ascending power costs. - Correct me if I am wrong but this is more or less META for PvP decks, although am not sure about whether buildings or units come 2nd. Feel free to educate me on this topic PvP veterans. My suggestion then is to allow people to save their preferred settings, a.k.a crafting your own template with a sorting algorithm that the person prefers. Now that would be the ultimate customization route which I would surely use, but that could be too much work for a lot of people. In my honest opinion having a few templates to choose from would be the easiest and the most practical option that people over time would surely adapt.
  4. lost thing5

    Deck card auto-sorting

    Hello fellow Skylords, What do You, the community, think about the implementation of a sorting system that would allow to automatically arrange the cards in a deck in a certain way? E.g. You built a brand new deck, pressed a button and all cards have been re-arranged in an ascending order based on power costs and orbs: first spells, then units and finally buildings. Less headache moving cards around back and forth until you arranged them in the way you like them to be. This is of course only one way of sorting it and people have different preferences. There could potentially be a couple of different options to choose from when sorting based on some of the more popular ones. My intentions here are to gauge the interest regarding this idea, gather any additional ideas for improving my proposal, discuss said ideas and if there is sufficient support ask whether the developers would consider implementing an auto-sorting feature at some point in the future, after more serious problems have been resolved.

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