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  1. Draknoron

    Feels bad moments

    When you wake up in a cold sweat dreaming that you forgot to submit an assignment, but school has been over for two weeks .
  2. Draknoron

    What deck did you play?

    I played shadow/frost into fire. But i guess that's just lost souls since we are not counting T3? I guess most game were over b4 T3 anyway and that would make the deck list way too long.
  3. Draknoron

    Where are you from?

    United states. Add me to the list of miscreants XD.
  4. Draknoron

    Economy improvement ideas. Save currency value.

    First of all I guess i wasn't clear in my post but this would replace starter cards. The purpose of the rotating deck system would be to give players cards that they can use to play PVE or PVP until they decide what kind of deck they actually want to build. Not to make PvP playable for all people on an equal level (though if that's where the community wants to go that's fine to.)The decks would not be particularly good at eater one think jack of all trades deck, or 10 of all trades deck would be more accurate. Since the deck always contains non optimal components a player who wants to use the cards that they like will be forced to create their own deck. They are not meant to be high tier or competitive anymore than the starter cards are meant to be. Note that if the point of a starter deck is to be competitive then there is no incentive to actually play the game at all as players have what they need already. There is no progression if the decks are good. They also come with the added bonus of allowing players to be exposed to different cards that they will later want in their own deck. I don't see why they need to be U3 since the entire point is to use the decks to try out new cards that they will collect later. For example if i'm playing a demo fire deck and I use a juggernaut for the first time, i'm going to be like, OMG I MUST HAVE A JUGGERNAUGHT. Even if I don't need one that week I wont see it again in the rotation for a month or so and will eventually want it in my own deck. Discourages multi accounting. No one will make more accounts to get more copies of X card. Also a rotating deck structure instead of a starting cards structure preserves the values of all the cards that would normally be in the starter deck. Think of all the 1bfp cards that were on the auction house that never got purchased. I remember 27 pages for wind weavers alone. Finaly, the system is proven to work in many games. LoL, Smite, Dirty Bomb are just a few F2P titles that use a system like this to allow players to experiment with different strategies untill they decide what is best for them.
  5. Draknoron

    Economy improvement ideas. Save currency value.

    Sorry I didn't explain myself well i guess. It stops card inflation in certain cases. E.G any card that is in EVERYONE'S deck becomes instantly worthless. In the old decks Wind weavers, Wearebeast.. ect, all had no commercial value because they were in the starting deck. If there is no starting deck then there is no devalue. It doesn't stop inflation for all cards but it saves at least 20 cards from being worthless.
  6. Draknoron

    Economy improvement ideas. Save currency value.

    That's very unfortunate given that that feature makes the rotating system possible. As for the idea that this system encourages multi accounting, I think that you have a slight misconception of what I am saying. I was suggesting that the locked decks rotate on a fixed system. So for week 1 only deck "Fire dog" and "Blue panther" are available for all players and you get to pick one. Afterwards the old weekly decks are removed when the new ones are available. Think league of legends champion rotation. Even if you multi accounted you would not be given a competitive advantage in this system because you can't trade the decks and can only progress on the account that picked the deck you wanted. As for the meta game changes, these can be avoided by having the deck only have level one cards. Was the tutorial deck max level? It might have been. Even if the decks are max level simply having T4 and buildings in them makes them a poor choice for pvp. Maybe these decks would heavily influence the game in the early stages, but i can't imagine this to have a significant effect on the meta after a few weeks. Furthermore no deck rotation system just insures that the first deck you give players will always be more likely to be used. E.G first week of battle forge everyone will be using wind weavers or master archers for T1. So smart people will build their decks around it eater way. Sorry about not finding another economy thread. I found threads talking about the progression system, but the purpose of this thread was about talking about how the reward system and the starter cards influence the value of the in game currency. I just wanted to make a thread about the impact that such features have on the value of BFP's, which is vital to F2P systems.
  7. As everyone is aware the in game economy is one of the most important aspects of every F2P game. It effects the progression system, the deck building system, the trading system and most importantly the new player experience. I am sure a great deal of thought has been put into this subject already, but I have not found another place that mentions it so I will place some suggestions here. Each one of these features/suggestions can be implemented separately although some of these make more sense to be implemented together. Note that I understand that there are many more important features that must be implemented before the long term economy is considered (E.G apt there is an issue with deck locking). Each one of these features/suggestions can be implemented separately. 1. AVOID INFLATION - I am sure we all experienced times when the value of BFP's went way down which caused the value of certian cards to go up. Conversely EVERYONE saw the value of about 60 cards hit rock bot-em when they ended up in the 3bfp deck. This is card inflation. In short the value of cards determines the value of bfp's and the value of bfp's determines the value of cards. The following ideas help avoid inflation. A. Sink holes. Every good F2P game needs a way for money or value to leave the system. For this reason I am recommending that the token purchasing system for buying upgrades remains in the game. I simply recommend that bfps can be used to upgrade cards if the player wants. This allows bfp's to disappear from existence without being replaced by cards. This helps to stop the effects of inflation. B. SMALL starter deck. I have seen this discussed on various threads so i won't talk about this subject a lot, but understand that the value of every card placed in this deck will instantly become 0. This is because no one buys things they already have For this reason I actually support the idea of making stater decks smaller than the original F2P deck. Note that creating multiple starter decks encourages multi accounting to get all the starter cards and helps to devalue those cards as well. For these reasons I recommend that every player be given a 4 element splash deck to expose them to multiple strategies and at the same time equal devalue every factions cards. E.G frost T1, Fire T2, Shadow T3, Nature T4. Note that fire needs to be t1 or T2 so PVE players can learn to siege correctly and are able to siege. Shadow and nature are harder to use anyway. C. Rotating locked deck. Every almost every good DOTA and TGC has premade un-editable decks for new players to use. Remember the tutorial deck? It could not be altered and was permanently in the locked state. We could preserve the value of EVERY CARD IN THE GAME, by replacing the starting deck system with the rotating one. We could simply make a weekly deck rotation for players with no bfp's to use. This would also allow new players to see what cards they wanted. In addition these decks could come in double rotation. E.G there is a starter nature and stater fire deck on rotation this week and I get to pick the one I want to use for this week. These decks would always contain buildings and T4 to discourage them from shaping the meta in PVP. Edit: Note that all players would pick from the same weekly deck rotation to discourage multi accounting. @Eirias mentioned that the deck locking feature isn't working correctly ATM. This is just a suggestion, but I think this could help protect the value of common/uncommon cards. D. Pack value. Since BfP's are coming in at a fixed (or pseudo fixed) rate due to the Quest System. Ensure that the pack values reflect the amount of time it takes to earn them. Figure out how long it should take the average player to earn a deck and balance the packs around that. You guys are very smart and I am sure that you can accomplish this task although it is hard. I simply wanted to state this. 2. INCENTIVE. The most important thing about an economy is that people are encouraged to participate in it. The following ideas are the encourage commerce and trading. A. Quest reroll or Quest choice? Maby generate two daily (or weekly) quest lists from players to pick from. This allows die hard PVPer's to pick a quest rotation that involves more fighting and allows PVE or new players to pick less demoralizing options XD. There is an entire thread that talks about this so I won't mention anything else. This feature was mentioned in a dev thread i didn't find. B. Trade tax (this was 15% I think??). Half of us liked this game just for the market lol. Ensure that trade tax is not to high to discourage auction trading. Auction tax serves as a money sink, but it can be avoided by direct trading. This means that it can discourage the use of the action house, which is a required feature for players who want to trade cards at times where most players arn't online. So try to ensure that it is not to high to discourage players from trading. C. Some form of "infinite income". Some of us are just flat out addicted to games and will keep playing even if our daily's are done. It doesn't have to be a lot, but if there isn't a way to make bfp's outside of daily quests it discourages players from playing the game. This is especially important to new players, who often play for very long times on their first session. Imagine if league of legends or Hearthstone had no way to make money outside of daily quests. This feature is paramount for a game this will probably launch with a small player base and wants to keep players. This is currently purposed as a hourly quest that resets with half rewards. I could see that working as long as its starts with a decent amount. D. Card upgrades Via BFP. I mentioned this above in a different section, but players who have nearly completed decks will need this feature to get value out of their bfp's. Gold is used for this as a primary as stated on the official thread, but this option would exist for players who are done deck building. 3. GOLD - This currency never made sense. It is only used for card upgrades which seems kind of waist full. Every player ended up with too much of this stuff. Honestly have no idea how to "balance" the gold system possibly allow players to buy tokens with large amounts of it? I have no true suggestions for how to balance gold.
  8. Draknoron

    Why I quit battle forge, and why I miss it.

    1. The old system P2W. You are correct about that IMO the real reason that battle forge died was because every barrier in the game revolved around of much bfp you could spend. I'm not saying that the player who had the most bfp would win the game as skill was clearly the primary factor in pvp matches, but card upgrades and all of the best cards could be bought for bfp. A new player would see that he would need to spend 100 - 200$ to get all the cards that the "pros" were using and then pay even ore to upgrade them. It was actually a blessing that a progression system existed that allowed players to get card upgrades by playing levels or rPVE (random pve matches). This allowed players that escaped the P2W barrier to upgrade their cards in PVE matches. 2. P2W games always fail in time. BF lasted 4 years which is honestly a long time for a game so P2W. Every P2W MMO fails eventually. If you look at the 10 ten most popular online games. League of Legends, Dota2, Smite, Counterstrike, Minecraft, Battle field 4, Wow, ect..., They all are not pay to win. Although some of them have a singular competitive feature that is arguably P2W, they always allowed a way to compensate for this with time. Time spent, or skill is the primary factor in determining who wins in each one of these games.At the start, Battle Forge had NO SYSTEM for a player to earn BFP's. I know i said it was possible for a player to get cards without paying money for the game but this was not an intended mechanic. Originally the only way for a player to get their first BFP points were to get them from another player. This was only possible through trading gold for BF points (against terms and conditions of the game). Or by selling a card that EVERYONE already had. After that initial BFP set it was theoretically possible to trade up till you had a completed deck. Myself and many other players did this and ended up with 100's of dollars worth of cards. However, this was more of an exploit than anything, as new BFP's only entered the system if players payed for them. Later EA recognized this and gave each player 1 bfp per day. This is honestly their biggest mistake as it caused the value of BFP's to go down and increased the prices of cards to point where new players could not buy them. I remember when lost reavers cost 21 bfp's then they jumped to 60. Meanwhile many cards became instantly worthless because they were in the new F2P deck (3bfp card booster). To solve this problem there most be a pay currency and a f2p currency, fixed market prices or no pay currency. Note that every game listed in the top 10 has one of these and BF didn't. 3.The need for PVE progression is NOT optional. If your primary problem was that this system was a PVE only mechanic think about how much worse it would be if this was a PVP only mechanic and new players (with arguably bad cards and no upgrades) were forced to fight experienced to P2W players in order to upgrade their cards. This would require them to loose over and over in order to gain any sort of head way. Think about a MMO where new lvl 1 players have to fight lvl 50 or lvl 100 players to gain levels. Also think of a player who only likes PVE and is then forced to play PVP in order to progress. A PVP only biased progression system has no room for such players. 4. New system solves all problems (theoretically) BFP's can no longer be bought (P2W aspect gone). Instead, BFP's are only gained by the quest system which basically revolves around play time (play x ma, do x). This a singular barrier that all players must walk through. As you have stated it is important that there is not too many primary barriers keeping new players out. New players now simply play the game and get rewarded. It's a system that puts everyone on the same foot and is in that sense fair. Also it allows new players to enter competitive PVP by a non punishing PVE method or the Face + Wall = Win method if they so desire (=.
  9. Draknoron

    How viable are these cards in pvp?

    Thanks for moving it, i wasn't quite sure where this thread belong so i just put it in general.
  10. Draknoron

    How viable are these cards in pvp?

    These were unpopular pvp cards that I messed around with in the old Battle forge and I haven't seen anyone mention them on the forums. If you could say something positive or negative about one or two of these cards it would be great. Lost vigil - The range is so good that I would use them to siege the other base from mine on certain maps. Also with a single spell buff it could solo a grigory if close to a building. Lost dancer shadow affinity - I used these vs pure fire because they have multiple human units in t2 and t1. Corpse explosion ability was a great way to end a losing fight hehe. Lost dancer fire - The siege damage was nice but i guess it was redundant if you had lost reavers? Lost warden - I thought they sucked, but i am curries if anyone has something to say. Maybe it has some cool PVE uses? Shadow insect - literally NEVER saw someone use on of these things even though i thought they were usable due to how strong the ability is. Gunner - Seems like a solid t3 unit, but I guess the affinity is bad. You pretty much have to go triforce orbs to play this card if you don't start fire shadow. Magma hurler - I never realy used this one. It's too expensive for its stats right? Swamp drake - I have seen in mentioned, but I haven't seen it used much. I probably just missed it. Juggernaut - JK everyone used this. Unstable demon - They explode if they do their job too well, lolz. I never saw this card but I guess I didn't go T3 against a lot of shadow players. Aggressor - Everyone used this and then no one did. Is it because its over priced? Mutating frenzy - Never saw it never used it, thought it might be viable in a shadow start amii deck so you can keep it alive with heals? Lost Shade - No air cover + requires spam. Kind of like a T2 nomad?
  11. I already read your deck building guide, so i guess I just missed this. Thanks for the TLDR version anyway since I have no desire to confront that massive wall of text again (=. BTW you are right that the reason I went for a third element was that I didn't have some of the more popular cards. I forgot that this strategy left you almost completely locked out of your deck if they took your first orb. I think that happend to me once in a ranked game back in the day and it wrecked me.
  12. Draknoron

    Is anyone recording your beta matches?

    AYYYY!! Thanks guys.
  13. When I was playing this game a long time ago, I used to use a third element in my shadow/frost deck. I would go shadow T1 work my way through T2 and then add fire or nature in T3 depending on what deck I brought. Although the primary reason for this is that I didn't have many good T3 cards (I was a poor boy), I have found that it work well and there arn't a lot of double affinity required t3 cards anyway. It seems to me that adding a third element just expands your t3 options very well as there are a lot of good cards that only require a single affinity. E.G silverwind lancers, old sunreavers, disenchant..ECT. So a guess my question is, why did I never see other people doing this? What are the disadvantages? Maby I just needed to get out more.
  14. Can't the purposed daily quest system help fix this already. If the quest says "beat 2 player pve map twice" players will be more inclined to play that map. I guess if the player base is very small it encourages everyone to play at the same time which is nice, but that just makes the game a ghost town at the other times.

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