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  1. [quote='anonyme0273' pid='5974' dateline='1436991209'] A lot of BF videos on YouTube are in German, there was a big community in the game containing Germans :) [/quote] I was one of the unnecessary supernumeries :D
  2. 96 even funnier than 69 :P someone ever tried? :D joke ^^ 96:2 = 48 change digits -> 84:2 = 42 [b]42[/b] confirmed :D
  3. 46 The games I need to reach Bronze 4 :D
  4. [quote='S4 N' pid='5032' dateline='1436879503'] Wow you are all european! [/quote] Well, we have the right motivation :D
  5. 34 :D 34 -> change digits -> 43 -> minus 1 -> equals [u]! [size=xx-large][b][size=large]42[/size][/b][/size] ! [/u]coincidence? I don't think so :)
  6. My name comes from another game called "Guild Wars" where you have different classes. One of it is the Ranger "Waldläufer" in German, the other one is Monk "Mönch". You have to choose 2 classes, so I mixed them Wald + Mönch but I prefered Waldmonk more than Waldmönch :)
  7. I am also from Germany :) but I can also speak other languages ;)
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