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  1. CyberReXxX

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    good luck everyone!
  2. CyberReXxX

    Opening Tournament

    I´d like to join 1v1 too:)
  3. CyberReXxX

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    I realy liked Deep One´s and the Oink Spell
  4. CyberReXxX

    favorite 5 cards

    -Razorleaf -Deepcoil Worm -Forest Elder -Wheel of Gift and Revenge (cause i like the Artwork) :)
  5. CyberReXxX

    Why did you choose your forum avatar?

    First time i played BF i have seen this card in a PvE Mission, i decided to buy this card in my BF-Time. As i got it i was happy and now i want to play more with my rezorleaf

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